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16 September 2021

Utility Point

Utility Point stopped trading on 14th September 2021. Ofgem will appoint a new supplier for existing customers.
Sarah Ingrams
Utility point main 485621

Dorset-based energy firm Utility Point joined the market in 2018 but ceased trading in September 2021.

The supplier had around 220,000 customers.

If you are an existing customer,  a new supplier will be chosen for you by Ofgem (the energy regulator). 

In the meantime, your gas and electricity supply will continue as normal. The regulator's advice is not to switch supplier until your new energy supplier has been appointed and your new account set up. 

If you then choose to switch, the transfer and the return of any outstanding credit balances, will be a smoother process. Under Ofgem's safety net, you will not lose any money that is owed to you.

For more information visit our guide on what to do if your energy supplier goes bust.

Keep reading to find out how Utility Point matched up to other brands, including on prices and customer service.

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Utility Point customer score

Utility Point came 15th out of 25 energy companies rated by 7,460 members of the public in the annual Which? energy companies satisfaction survey – the broadest independent view of energy companies available.

This puts it ahead of all the traditional big firms, including British Gas, but behind other large suppliers such as Ovo.

It is OK but certainly not cheap – I am considering changing for this reason.

Utility Point customer

I've never had a problem with my bill. Even estimates are very accurate.

Utility Point customer

Utility Point score breakdown

The graphic below shows the breakdown of Utility Point’s score in our latest survey. Scroll down to read our verdict on this energy firm and to find out more about its prices.

Find out how Utility Point compares with other energy firms in our guide to the best and worst energy companies.

Which? verdict on Utility Point

We included Utility Point in our energy companies survey for the second time this year. It has finished just below mid-table so it still has some way to go to ‘shake up the energy industry’ as it claims it plans to do.

It gained a ‘good’ rating on one of the four aspects of service we gathered enough customer responses to rate in our survey, and a ‘fair’ rating on the others.

Its three-star rating for value for money equals that of some of the higher scoring companies in our survey, although six were rated four stars. Only one – Outfox the Market – achieved the full five stars this year.

Customers found Utility Point’s bills accurate, rating it four out of five stars for this, although seven of the companies in our survey received the maximum five. There is room for improvement with the clarity of its bills, though, for which it received a fair three stars.

Customer service was also rated fair by customers at three stars. Five of the providers in our survey were awarded four stars but none managed to achieve the top rating of five this year. 

We didn’t get enough responses from customers to rate Utility Point’s complaints handling.

However, its published complaints figures indicate that it gets very few complaints per 1,000 customers when compared with the other firms in our survey. It managed to resolve 80% of complaints on the same or next working day, which is good - although the best firms were able to solve 90% or more in this timeframe.

It resolved my recent query quickly and to my satisfaction.

Utility Point customer

They never answer the phone. You have to leave a message and then they get back to you.

Utility Point customer

When we included Utility Point in our snapshot investigation into customer waiting times in September 2020, it was slow to pick up the phone. It took 15 minutes 55 seconds, on average, for us to get through to a human. The fastest firm took just 51 seconds, on average.

But it was by far from the slowest either. One firm, Boost, averaged an over 40-minute wait and there were seven more that were slower than Utility Point to get callers through to a human.

It averaged over 7 minutes 10 seconds to respond to our live chat queries too. While it wasn't the slowest, it has some way to go before it catches up to the fastest, which managed to answer in an average of 10 seconds.

This suggests that Utility Point still has some fine-tuning to do before its customer service matches the best in our investigation.

Pros: Gets few complaints and resolves them quickly

Cons: Slow to answer the phone

Can I join Utility Point with a prepayment meter?

No, Utility Point does not support prepayment meters. 

Check our guide to prepayment meters to find a supplier which does, and how customers rated it in our latest survey.

Utility Point electricity sources

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