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Pushchairs and prams recalls and safety notices

Find out whether your pushchair, pram or stroller has been subject to a recall or a safety notice, and what to do next.

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A product recall is usually a safety alert from a manufacturer following the discovery of a safety concern with a product. A recall notice is the most severe level of safety notice. Here we'll tell you what has happened with the pushchair and clear instructions from the manufacturer on what you should do if you own one of these pushchairs.

Pushchair recalls and safety alerts action plan

First of all make sure you heed the pushchair recall or safety notice. The manufacturers will give clear and detailed instructions about what the problem is and how you need to respond. These could include instructions such as whether you can continue using the pushchair in the meantime, or indeed whether you should dispose of a pushchair rather than sending it back. Make sure you closely follow the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Which? and pushchairs recalls and safety 

We make every endeavour to publish the latest pushchair recall information as soon as we hear about it from manufacturers. 

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Latest pushchair recalls and safety notices

Below we've detailed the pushchair models manufacturers have issued safety notices or recalls for. They are in year order, with the newest at the top of the page. Obviously if the recall or safety notice is older, the issue will have long been fixed by the manufacturer. But the older recalls and safety notices are something to consider if you're thinking of buying a pushchair or pram second-hand. 

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Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip XT and Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip: 2016

Mamas & Papas has identified a minor quality issue with these pushchairs (see the image at the top of the page). In a very small number of cases, they’ve identified a loose catch on the Armadillo Flip XT and Armadillo Flip.

This can mean that the seat slips backwards slightly when the baby is facing you and being pushed. Please be assured the quality issue is not safety related, and doesn't put your child at risk if your pushchair is being used in line with Mamas & Papas guidance. There have been no reports of any child being injured. There are no issues when using the pushchair with a car seat, carrycot or when the baby is facing away from you.

What to do next:

  • Visit mamasandpapas.com/bookqualitycheck.
  • Choose the most convenient day for you to take your pushchair in to your nearest Mamas & Papas store
  • Your pushchair will be returned to Mamas & Papas for a full test and if required the necessary technical adjustment will be made
  • Store staff will advise you of the date your pushchair will be returned to the Mamas & Papas store for you to collect
  • If you’re unable to visit a Mamas & Papas store, please contact Mamas & Papas Customer Services on 03332 412154 who will arrange for it to be collected and returned back to you.
  • As an alternative, you may want to take advantage of Mamas & Papas Loved for Life Trade In. If you choose to trade in you’ll receive a Mamas & Papas gift card to the value of £100 for your pushchair and £40 for your carrycot. Simply take your pushchair into your nearest Mamas & Papas store. Contact Mamas & Papas for full terms and conditions of this trade in.

Anything else I should know?
Mamas & Papas would like to apologise to customers and stress that the issue does not pose a safety risk. It takes product quality and assurance very seriously and the safety of its customers is always the primary concern. Whether you choose to have your pushchair returned and tested, or whether you choose to trade it in, Mamas & Papas will send you a £50 Mamas & Papas gift card as a goodwill gesture for the inconvenience.

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Phil and Teds Dash: 2016

Phil and Teds is recalling Dash V5 buggies with serial numbers starting with either PTRV0715 or PTRV0815. A flaw with the frame poses a potential pinch hazard to you or your child.

What to do next:
If you bought a Dash V5 between August 2015 and March 2016, check your buggy's serial code now. Use our image below to locate it on your buggy's frame (see image above). It can also be found on the bottom of the box your pushchair came in if, by chance, you still have that. 

If your serial code is between PRTV0715/0746 and PTRV0815/2525 you should stop using your pushchair and fill in this form to apply for your free, replacement frame.

No other serial codes or pushchairs are affected, including the smaller version of the Dash V5 – the Phil and Teds Dot. 

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Uppababy Vista and Cruz 2015 models and optional additional Rumble seat: 2015

Uppababy has issued a safety advisory regarding the bumper bar on 2015 models of the Vista and Cruz pushchairs as well as the optional additional Rumble seat.

Uppababy has received reports in the US of children biting down and tearing off a piece of the new 2015 model bumper bars, though no injuries have been reported.

Though there have been no reports of incident in the UK, a UK spokesperson for Uppababy told Which? that the company is taking the same action in the UK as in the US – offering a free bumper bar cover to owners of the affected models.

What to do next: 
If you own either the Uppababy Vista 2015 model or Uppababy Cruz 2015 model and have already registered with Uppababy, you will be sent a bumper bar cover directly from the supplier.

If you’re thinking of buying one of these pushchair models imminently, Uppababy’s distributor in the UK confirmed that all stock sent from its warehouse from 15 June 2015 has the cover already fitted.

If you have an Uppababy Vista or Uppababy Cruz 2015 and haven’t registered it with Uppababy, covers are also available on request from the Uppababy Service Team by emailing DCUK@centurylogistics.co.uk.

Anything else I should know?
Our lab experts use a bumper bar 'bite test' on all the pushchairs we test (see our image above). A special device is used to 'bite' the covering of the bar and is then pulled away. This replicates a toddler biting down with force. If anything can be bitten off, we check to see if it may cause a choking hazard.  

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Stokke Trailz: 2015

Stokke recalled the Trailz pushchair (see image above) over concerns that the handle joint could break, which could cause you to fall. 

2016 STORY UPDATE: We've tested the new version of the Stokke Trailz pushchair which has no concerns over any handle joint problems. Read our Stokke Trailz review

What to do next: 
Stokke has asked all customers who own a Trailz pushchair to stop using it and return it to Stokke.

Stokke will mend your pushchair and, upon request, provide you with an alternative chassis to use while yours in being fixed.

You can either call customer services in Germany on +49 703 161 1580 or send an email to info.uk@stokke.com

You will need to provide the following information:
Full name, address and contact details
Date of purchase
Place of purchase
Serial number – located underneath the plate, between the two front wheels.

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Cosatto Giggle: 2014

Cosatto has identified a number of failures that may affect the front mounting bracket, which could cause the chassis of the Cosatto Giggle (see image above) to fail. 

What to do next: 
If your Giggle shows a batch reference of week/year of 33/2013 or earlier, Cosatto needs to retrofit an enhanced replacement part. If your Giggle has a batch reference later than week 33/2013 then you are not affected by this notice and your product is fine to continue using.

Please ring Cosatto on its dedicated freephone helpline: 08000 149 252.

Anything else I should know? 
The batch reference can be found on a sticker on the inside leg of your assembled Giggle chassis (left hand side as you push it). You can additionally confirm the product name and colourway from this sticker. If the sticker gives the product name as anything other than GIGGLE, or the colourway as anything other than BIZZY BETTY, ALL STAR, GOLIGHTLY, PABLO, SUNNY or TREET then you don’t need to take any further action – your product is fine to continue using.

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Britax B-Agile 3, Britax B-Agile 4, Britax B-Agile Double, Britax B-Motion 4: 2014

Britax is offering a hinge cover kit to UK customers for some of its B-Agile pushchairs and the B-Motion 4 pushchair following several finger injuries in the US.  

There are no reports of injuries in the UK, but Britax says there are eight reports of finger lacerations in the US due to an issue with the hinge when folding the Britax B-Agile 3.

A safety notice hasn't been issued in the UK, but Britax is offering a free hinge cover kit in Europe for anyone who may be worried.

Not all Britax pushchairs are affected, but the following models could have an issue: Britax B-Agile 3, Britax B-Agile 4, Britax B-Agile Double, Britax B-Motion 4 (see images above) . The B-Motion 3 is not affected.  

It's still safe to you use your pushchair, but Britax advises you to follow the user guide instructions when folding it down and to remove your hands from the frame while pulling up the pushchair release strap.  

What to do next: 
For anyone worried their pushchair may be affected, a dedicated website (quality-initiative.eu) has been set up for consumers, giving details of how to check your pushchair, what to look for and a form to order a hinge cover kit. 

You also find out by checking the serial number label found on the back leg of the pushchair near the wheel. Those marked with H1 are not affected.

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Phil and Teds: 2014

Phil and Teds has recalled certain car seat adaptors because of a risk that they could crack. The Phil and Teds TS26 car seat adaptors allow you to attach your car seat to a Phil and Teds pushchair, to create a travel system. Phil and Teds has issued a safety alert as it has discovered that the adaptors are brittle at very low temperatures, so could break or crack.   

What to do next: 
If you have these 'old style' Phil and Teds car seat adaptors (you can see the difference in our image above), Phil and Teds says you should stop using them immediately and request a replacement by filling in the form on its website. 

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Baby Jogger City Versa: 2012

Issues with the Baby Jogger City Versa (see image above) were identified – reports of a component interfering with the folding mechanism meant there was a risk of it folding in on a child. Only one batch of these pushchairs is said to be affected – those with the code Mft.Date:2012.08.10.

What to do next: 
Anyone with a Baby Jogger City Versa pushchair that has this code should stop using it and return it to the store where it was bought for a refund or exchange. You can also contact Kooltrade, the UK distributor for Baby Jogger pushchairs, on 0161 335 2508. 

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Bugaboo Cameleon and Donkey handle fault: 2012

Following concerns about the carry handles on a number of Bugaboo Cameleon and Donkey pushchairs (see images above), Bugaboo is issuing customers with replacement handles. 

Customers have been reporting that the white button on the carry handles (also called bumper bars) of some Cameleon and Donkey pushchairs pop out when sat on the ground or an unstable surface. 

No injuries have been reported and an external investigation has confirmed that the safety risk is low. 

Bugaboo says it has now improved the carry handle and is offering a free replacements to customers. Only some models are affected (see our list below for the serial numbers of affected models) - the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 is not one of them.

What to do next: 
Bugaboo says it will be contacting customers with affected models who have registered their pushchairs to organise delivery of a new carry handle.  If you have not registered your pushchair, you can call Bugaboo customer services on 0207 385 5338 to get a new handle.

If you have a Bugaboo Cameleon pushchair, you can check on the chassis to find the serial number to see if yours is affected. 

Affected models have serial numbers within the following ranges: S/N 04011090900001 to S/N 04031101009999 S/N 08011090900001 to S/N 08021100800386 S/N 140100093600531 to S/N 140103123350418.

The same applies for a number of Bugaboo Donkey pushchairs. Affected models have serial numbers within the following ranges: S/N 170101105300001 to S/N 17010413090050.

You can also visit the Bugaboo website and enter your serial number to check if you are entitled to a new carry handle. The Bugaboo Donkey carry handle won't be available until February 2013, so Bugaboo is advising customers to stop using the current handle until then.  

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Bugaboo Bee: 2011

In autumn 2011, a problem was identified with the front wheels of Bugaboo Bee pushchairs (see image above) produced between January and September 2011. There was a small risk that they could jam and the buggy could tip over. Bugaboo suspended sales for a short period of time and sent out replacement wheels to those who had bought a faulty model.

Bugaboo says the problem was caused when it changed the design of the Bee's wheels from metal bearing to plastic bearing in early 2011. This change was designed to add friction to the wheels and prevent wobbling, but it unintentionally increased the likelihood of the wheels not swivelling correctly.

Bugaboo Bee pushchairs produced between January 2011 and September 2011 were affected. All Bugaboo pushchairs have since been fitted with the previous metal bearing-style of wheels, which had no safety issues.

You can find a date code label indicting when your Bugaboo was made on the chassis under the seat unit.

What to do next: 
Bugaboo is advising Bee owners to lock the swivel wheels of their pushchair until they receive a new set of wheels. This means that the front wheels will no longer swivel, so the pushchair will be harder to move.

Bugaboo will automatically send a free 'service solution' (including a replacement set of wheels) to Bee owners who have registered their pushchair with Bugaboo.

If you have not registered your pushchair and you own a faulty model you can request a free replacement set of wheels via the Bugaboo website, or by emailing service.uk@bugaboo.com or phoning 0800 587 8265. You'll need to give Bugaboo the pushchair's serial number, which can be found underneath the pushchair seat.

You can also contact the retailer where you bought your pushchair and request that the wheels are sent to it instead.

Anything else I should know? 
Child safety is paramount to Which? so we've put the new Bugaboo Bee wheels through stringent tests in our lab. This included running the wheels 72,000 time over rough ground with 15kg of weight in the seat, and putting the wheels on a rotating platform that swivelled them 80,000 times. We saw no evidence of shimmying or non-swiveling wheels during our tough challenges, so it appears Bugaboo has successfully addressed the issue.

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Bugaboo Cameleon: 2011

Owners of the popular Bugaboo Cameleon travel system pushchair (see image above) are being warned about a potential safety issue when the pushchair is used with certain accessories attached.

When the pushchair is used with a Graco car seat, Bugaboo car seat adaptor and Bugaboo wheeled board (which allows an older child to stand at the rear of the pushchair) there is a chance that the car seat can come loose and fall off the frame.

The problem is not expected to affect many UK consumers. Bugaboo tells us that UK owners tend to buy Maxi-Cosi adaptors for their Cameleons.

No other Bugaboo models or car seat combinations are affected.

According to the safety warning, the Bugaboo Cameleon problem only occurs in the following circumstances. When three accessories – Graco child car seat (all compatible models), the Bugaboo car seat adaptor (models 80401GC02 and  80400GC01) and Bugaboo wheeled board (model 85500WB01) – are all used together. When the car seat is placed onto the frame incorrectly, in a ‘facing the world’ position, with the baby looking away from the parent. 

There is no safety issue when the car seat is facing towards the pushchair handlebar, according to the safety alert.

What to do next: 
Bugaboo has issued further information about the safe use of the Bugaboo Cameleon on its website and says it has already contacted affected customers.

Phil and Teds Explorer and Hammerhead buggies: 2011

New pushchair frames are being offered to owners of certain Phil and Teds buggies, following reports that the brakes on older models can fail.

Affected Phil and Teds Explorer and Hammerhead pushchairs pose a risk of injury as the brakes on some of the models may be damaged, according to the recall notice. This could lead them to operate inefficiently, or fail completely.

The safety warning relates to older 'series 1' models of the three-wheeled Explorer and four-wheeled Hammerhead range of pushchairs, which come in colours including red, black, apple green/black, navy blue and apple green. Other models of Phil and Teds pushchairs, and newer versions of the Explorer and Hammerhead bought after January 2011, are unaffected.

The recall affects Series 1 Explorer and Hammerhead buggies manufactured between June 2010 and January 2011 (serial numbers between 0610/0001 to 0111/4788). 

What to do next:
Customers are being offered the chance to swap their pushchair frame for a new model with updated brake design. The fix can either be carried out at home or at a Phil and Teds outlet.

The model numbers are: Explorer pushchair Black/ anthacite EX5 (9420015728262) Black/ red EX11  (9420015728231) Black/ navy blue EX3 (9420015728255) Black/ green EX22 (9420015728248) Anise green/ anthracite EX222 (9420015728781) Hammerhead pushchair Black/ anthracite HH5 (9420015719116)

If you own one of these pushchairs, visit the Phil and Teds website to apply for a free replacement frame.

Anything else I should know?
You can find your serial number on a white sticker located behind the one-hand fold mechanism, or on the outside of the left-hand hinge.  

Brio Go strollers: 2010

Owners of Brio Go strollers are being urged to carefully check the screws of its carrycot adaptor's fixing straps, after it emerged that in some cases the screws might not have been properly tightened. In an official statement Brio said: 'We have noticed a risk that some fixing strap screws on carrycot adaptors for the Brio Go, manufactured in 2008 and 2009, are not properly tightened. There is therefore a risk that they could come loose after a period of use.'

The company says if all eight of the screws securing the straps of the carrycot adaptor were to come loose, the carrycot 'could slide off the adaptor and fall off the strollers' frame', risking injury.

What to do next:
Brio is not issuing a recall of the product but is advising Go pushchair owners to check the tightness of each screw..

Brio's advice on what to check:

  • 1. the upper side of the adapter with the four fixing straps
  • 2. turn adapter over to reveal/provide access to the screws that fix the fixing straps
  • 3. tighten all eight screws (two on each strap) with an ordinary screwdriver.

Is there anything else I should know?
Alternatively you can take your stroller into a local Brio stockist and ask staff to check or tighten the screws for you. 

Maclaren Volo, Triumph Quest Sport, Quest Mod, Techno XT, Techno XLR, Twin Triumph, Twin Techno, Easy Traveller – 2009

Pushchair manufacturer Maclaren has agreed to offer free hinge covers to UK consumers to help make their pushchairs safer, after pressure from Which?.

2010 STORY UPDATE: Maclaren has changed its whole design so that the finger trap problem is no longer an issue and will no longer affect any of its new pushchairs.

Maclaren recently announced that it would issue the safety kits to US consumers after it emerged that 12 children had suffered a finger amputation in the last 10 years. The children had suffered the amputations after getting a finger caught in the pushchair mechanism used in certain Maclaren models.

After the figures emerged, Which? called for Maclaren to issue the same hinge cover kits to UK consumers – the pushchairs sold in the UK are the same as those sold in the US – but the manufacturer initially declined to do so.

Pushchairs that have the potential safety problem include: Volo Triumph Quest Sport Quest Mod Techno XT TechnoXLR Twin Triumph Twin Techno Easy Traveller.

What to do next: 
If you own one of the affected pushchairs you can get free hinge covers by talking to Maclaren via www.maclarenbaby.co.uk.

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