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Best Buy stand mixers

by Christina Woodger

Best Buy mixers make light work of everyday baking jobs, saving you time and effort in the kitchen.

Put us to the test

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If you're a keen baker, a good stand mixer could help you take your cakes to the next level, doing the hard graft for you. But a poor mixer could leave you with more work than you started with, struggling to mix ingredients properly and taking ages to clean up afterwards. 

Fortunately, Which? is here to help. We check that stand mixers can tackle everything from whisking to kneading without breaking a sweat, as well as assessing how easy they are to use and clean, to help you find the best mixer for you.

  • Our tests check how well ingredients are mixed, whisked, whipped and kneaded in a wide range of stand mixers.
  • We rate how noisy each mixer is - something you can't check in the shops - to alert you to the nuisance models.
  • Choosing a Best Buy stand mixer helps you avoid ending up with stodgy or flat results. Our top mixers will leave you with beautifully risen cakes and mountains of fluffy meringue. 

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How we uncover the best stand mixers

We put food mixers through over 50 different tests, looking at how well they mix, how quick they are, and how good the final result is, so that you can be sure a Best Buy food mixer will help you create delicious bakes. Our Best Buys not only mix, whip and knead brilliantly - they are also easy to use and clean, and not annoyingly noisy. If a mixer comes with extra attachments such as a food processor, we test those too, so you can see if they're worth having.

  • Mixing: We rate each mixer on how well it mixes sponge cake, and how long it takes to incorporate ingredients properly, so you know whether you'll need to constantly scrape down the sides of the bowl.
  • Whisking: We whisk egg whites to see how long it takes to whisk them into stiff peaks, and how much they increase in volume. The more airy they are, the fluffier your bakes will be.
  • Kneading: An evenly risen, well-structured loaf means the mixer has done a good job of mixing and kneading dough. We knead dough and then bake it and inspect the resulting loaves.

Food mixer reviews you can trust

Our tests are thorough and demanding - we test how each food mixer handles a range of ingredients and tasks, as well as ensuring they are easy to use and clean, so your purchase really will save you time. When you choose a Which? Best Buy stand mixer you can be sure you're buying a superior product.

Which? is independent – we work for you, the consumer, so you can be sure that our product recommendations are influenced only by our test results. We're not influenced by third parties and we don't accept freebies from product manufacturers or retailers. We buy all the products that we test ourselves, so our advice helps you to make the right choice first time and avoid costly mistakes.

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