Cancellations and delays

If your train is delayed by more than one hour, you're entitled to meals and refreshments appropriate to the delay.

If the delay extends overnight, you're entitled to hotel accommodation and transport to and from the hotel if this is possible.

If the train has broken down on the track, where possible, you should be given transport from the train to a station or your end destination.

After 60 minutes you become entitled to compensation.

Depending on how long you’ve been delayed, you’ll be able to change your ticket for another date, request a refund or claim compensation.

You can either claim an e-voucher or cash compensation, but Eurostar offers these at different rates. 

E-voucher compensation 

If you were delayed by more than 60 minutes you can claim a Eurostar e-voucher, which you can use towards future Eurostar trips.

Length of delayE-voucher value
60-119 minutes25% of the value of the affected ticket
120-179 minutes50% of the value of the affected ticket
180 minutes or more75% of the value of the affected ticket

Cash compensation

If you were delayed by more than 60 minutes, you can request a partial cash refund instead of an e-voucher.

Length of delayRefund amount
60-119 minutes25% of the value of the affected ticket
120 minutes or more50% of the value of the affected ticket

If your train is cancelled or it looks like you’ll be delayed by more than an hour, you can exchange your ticket free of charge or request a refund. If you’d like a refund, you can request it from wherever you bought your ticket up to two months after your original travel date.

Or you can request a full refund, regardless of your original ticket conditions.

No compensation is due if the amount you would be entitled to is less than €4.

Claim your Eurostar delay compensation online

If your journey is disrupted you can use the Eurostar's online form to start your compensation claim.

To make a claim you need to wait 24 hours after arriving at your destination and it will help if you’ve got your ticket to hand. You’ll need to fill in separate online forms for each traveller.

International rail travel

The European Regulation on Rail Passenger Rights and Obligations and the Convention Concerning International Carriage by Rail (COTIF) set out your rights for international rail travel. 

If your train is delayed or cancelled, meaning you miss a connection and can’t continue your journey on the same day, the train operator must provide assistance. See below. 

Similarly, if your train is delayed or cancelled and it's not reasonable to expect you to continue with your journey on the same day, the train operator is liable for: 

  • the reasonable costs of overnight accommodation and;
  • the cost of notifying anyone expecting you at your destination

Exceptions to compensation

The train company won’t be liable though, if the reason you can’t continue with your journey is any of the following:

  • if it was your fault
  • if it was the fault of a third party
  • if the issue was unconnected with the operation of the railway and the train company couldn’t have avoided the consequences.

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