Your package holiday rights

If your holiday is not as described you have the right to complain. Under the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018 you have the right to:

  • get the holiday that was described to you and the agreed price
  • be given details about the holiday that are factually correct and not misleading
  • be provided with accommodation and resort that is clean and safe.

Not what you expected?

If your holiday is not as described to you, the holiday company must offer a suitable alternative. If it can't provide anything close to what you paid for, it should offer to fly you home. 

Under UK common law, you can claim for:

  • 'loss of value' (the difference in value between what you booked and what you got)
  • out-of-pocket expenses
  • loss of enjoyment, inconvenience, or disappointment

It's important to remember that you have a duty to give your holiday company a chance to put right any problems that occur. 

Most companies will have a complaints policy in their terms and conditions, so make sure you read these and follow the appropriate steps. 

Will my package holiday still be covered after Brexit?

You'll still have the same rights and protections on your package holiday after Brexit, unless the government decides to change the law in the future.

Read our guide on how Brexit will impact consumer rights for more information.

For tips on complaining about an unsatisfactory package read our guide on how to claim if you're unhappy with your package holiday.

We can also help you write a customised letter to make a complaint.

Complain about a holiday

If you booked a holiday and it didn’t go how you planned, we can help you make a claim.

Complain about a holiday

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