Getting the tickets you ordered

If your tickets don't arrive in time for you to go to the event, you do have rights.

When you buy tickets you are entering into a contract with the ticket seller, whether they are a private individual or an official ticket agent.

Whatever they describe to you in person, over the phone or on a website, forms the basis of your contract.

This means the tickets must be delivered to you within sufficient time to go to the event, unless you opt to collect the tickets at the venue.

If a ticket seller breaches the terms of the contract, you are entitled to a refund.

1 Contact your ticket seller

If you haven't received tickets a couple of days before your event, call the ticket seller. 

If they can't find a way of getting the tickets to you in time, say that you'll buy tickets elsewhere and reclaim the cost from them - if you think this would be possible.

2 Claim a refund

If tickets don't arrive before the event, then the company is in breach of contract. You have two choices:

  • If tickets are available, you would be entitled to buy tickets elsewhere and then write to the original seller, with copies of the new tickets, to claim the money back from them. The tickets you buy must be equivalent to the tickets you originally purchased, or the next cheapest available.
  • If there are no other tickets available, you would be entitled to claim for a refund and compensation for any additional costs, such as travel to the concert if you've paid for this beforehand.

3 Claim against your card provider

If you're having trouble with a ticket seller you may be able to get a refund through your credit or debit card provider via a chargeback scheme or Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

Read our guide to make a claim against your card provider.

4 Go to small claims court

If the ticket seller refuses to reimburse you for the tickets you bought or give you a refund you can take them to small claims court.

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