Letter to claim compensation for an unsatisfactory meal

It's disappointing when you go out for a meal and it's unsatisfactory. If you were told you have to pay for the meal, this letter will help you to claim compensation.

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[Your address]

[Restaurant address]

To the Manager

On [day, date] my party of [number] ate at your restaurant. Our meal was unsatisfactory in the following ways [describe item by item].

I complained immediately but after the meal I was presented with a bill for [£xx] which included the cost of the uneaten dishes. I wished to deduct the cost of the uneaten dishes, but was not permitted to do so [describe circumstances]. As I had no option but to pay the bill in full, I did so under protest and made it clear I would claim compensation from you later. [In addition I encountered the following issues with the service provided by members of your staff – add details if relevant].

By virtue of the Consumer Rights Act it was an implied term of the contract we had that the food would be as described on the menu and of “satisfactory quality” [and that the service would be provided with ''reasonable care and skill'' - include if there were also issues with the service].

You are therefore in breach of contract and I am entitled to receive compensation for your breach[es] of contract, accordingly. I expect you to pay me [£xx the sum that you paid under protest] [an element for the loss of enjoyment and disappointment - include if appropriate, for example if a special occasion such as a significant anniversary or birthday was ruined] as compensation.

I look forward to receiving your cheque for this amount within the next 14 days.

Yours faithfully,

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