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Day trips are a great way to keep active, mobile and sociable in later life, but planning ahead is crucial. A radar key can make things a lot easier by providing access to accessible toilets across the United Kingdom.

Radar keys

Having a radar key allows disabled people to open locked accessible toilets all over the UK. If you’re planning to go on day trips or longer travels with someone who’s disabled or has mobility problems, getting one in advance is a very good idea.

Disabled toilets are commonplace and certain premises (including restaurants) are required to have them by law, but often they are kept locked to ensure they can only be used by people who need them. This can become a problem if a member of staff is not on hand with the key when you need it.

How to get a radar key

The radar national key scheme was designed to address this problem, and you can order a radar key from the Disability Rights UK website.

To find out if there are any radar toilets near your travel destination, you can use the Great British Public Toilet Map website or the National Key Scheme guide, which is updated annually and available both in print and as a smartphone app with added walking and driving directions. Both versions cost £5.

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