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Checklist to help prevent a fall

We provide a checklist of simple tips to help reduce the risk of falls in the home.
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Key ways to prevent a fall

There are things you can do to minimise the risk of a fall occurring in the home, from simple things such as mopping spillages to using high-wattage bulbs.


Key ways to prevent a fall

Checklist (ticks)
  • Make sure any rugs and mats are attached to the floor and are non-slip
  • Arrange cupboards and shelves so important things are within easy reach
  • Fasten any unavoidably trailing wires to the floor, using duct tape for example
  • Make sure that any spillages, particularly liquids, are cleaned up as soon as possible
  • Be aware of the obstacles that unnecessary clutter can cause
  • Check your carpets for tripping hazards such as fraying or ruffles
  • Watch out for common hazards on stairs and stairways. Read our article on staying safe on the stairs
  • Keep working torches on hand in case of power outages
  • Use high-wattage light bulbs and make sure there are replacements available
  • Take good care of your feet, for example by trimming your toenails regularly and wearing well-fitting shoes. If you wear slippers, make sure they're supportive. It's best not to wear ones that you slip your feet into; instead look for slippers that have zip or Velcro fastenings and non-slip soles.
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Last updated: 04 Sep 2019