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New George Foreman grill launched

Health grill comeback king showcases new contender

George Foreman

The new George Foreman Evolve grill has a deep pan attachment and a searing function

In 1994, 45-year-old George Foreman regained the title of World Champion, 10 years after retiring from the world of heavyweight boxing.

In the same year, the phenomenally popular, plug-in, electric George Foreman health grill was thrown into the commercial ring – George said that using a health grill had helped him get back into shape. For those too young to remember, in popularity terms, the George Foreman health grill was the Nutribullet of the 90s. 

Now, more than 20 years later, the launch of the new George Foreman Evolve pits George against his latest opponent, the popular Tefal Optigrill.

To find out more about health grills – from compact models that will cook a couple of steaks up to large ones suitable for a bigger family or party – go to George Foreman grills – how to buy the best.

George Foreman Evolve or Tefal OptiGrill?

These days you can lay your hands on a health grill for less than £20. But both George Foreman and competitor Tefal Optigrill are at the heavyweight end of the health grills market when it comes to added features.

Check out the table to see how these two health grills compare. 

George Foreman Evolve v Tefal OptiGrill
  George Foreman Evolve Tefal OptiGrill
Price £150 £100
Power 1700 watts 2000 watts
Size 15.4cm x 38.3cm x  34.7cm 36cm x 16cm x 17cm
Weight 6.1kg 5kg
Cooking surface 542cm²


Extra features

Deep bake pan and adjustable foot allows you to cook dishes that need to retain their liquids like omelettes, stews etc

Sear function: provides intense heat for 90 seconds to enable browning of meat on the outside

Extra inserts available eg. waffle plate, omelette plate, muffin pan

Automatically measures thickness of meat and adjusts cooking time – choose from rare to well done

Six specific programs eg, chicken, bacon, fish

What is a health grill?

George Foreman grills have always been marketed as healthy on the grounds that fat drains off food as you grill it. While this is true, it’s also the case that a conventional grill does this.

However, George Foreman grills, and health grills offered by other brands, do have several pluses. Speed is one: chicken breasts take around six to eight minutes to cook, about a third of the time of a normal grill. And salmon will be done in four minutes instead of eight.

Health grills are also easy to use and to keep clean, while the better models are good at keeping meat more moist than you’d get in a standard grill.

Should I buy a health grill?

Which? researcher Jane Darling says: ‘If you just want a basic health grill, I’d say go for a £20 option. But if you think you might use the extra features the George Forman Evolve offers, or you like the sound of the personalised meat settings of the Tefal OptiGrill, then you might be tempted by one of these. With summer coming, a health grill offers an alternative to the barbecue (and it’s indoors which is great in our terrible UK weather) but bear in mind it will take up quite a bit of space on your worktop – or in your cupboard if you don’t use it so often.’

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