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Does the new Tefal Actifry make decent chips?

We've tried out the Actifry Express XL to find out

ActiFry Express XL

The Tefal Actifry Express XL promises to realise the dream of guilt-free, low fat cooking. But just how tasty is the food it makes? To find out, we asked a Which? researcher to try it out at home to see how it compares with traditional, more oil-laden cooking methods.

The Express XL is the latest model in the popular Actifry range, which first hit the market in 2009 with the launch of the original Tefal Actifry. The new model is designed to cook more food, more quickly than previous versions, while still using very little oil.

Read our full first impressions of the fryer in our Actifry Express XL review. 

Tefal Actifry Express XL

The Express XL uses just one spoonful of oil when cooking and claims to be the quickest on the market, taking just half an hour to cook over 1.5kg of food. 

It comes with a recipe book with instructions on how long to cook different types of food for, as well as a spoon for measuring oil. There’s even an app with further recipes that owners can download.

It costs £249.99 (although Argos currently has it on offer at £180) so it’s a bit of an investment, but we were intrigued to see if it really could produce food as tasty as that cooked in a frying pan or deep-fat fryer.

Low-fat fryers

Concerns about the amount of fat we’re eating have led many of us to consider whether we should be frying food. However the taste of fried food is hard to resist and so the promise of a machine that can give us that taste with less fat has led to a growing market of low-fat fryers. According to the Potato Council, oven chips contain 4.2% fat, while chip shop chips contain 12.4%. 

Chips made in the Tefal ActiFry contain just 3%, so they’re a tempting-sounding option. 

As well as trying out the new Express XL, we’ve lab tested other low-fat fryers from Tefal, Philips and Breville – including the original Tefal Actifry. Find out which models earned our Best Buy recommendation in our fryer reviews area.

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