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Update: House of Fraser delivery problems – your consumer rights

Delayed deliveries latest problem faced by House of Fraser customers

UPDATE 17 August 2018: House of Fraser announced yesterday evening it will cancel all online orders and refund customers after a dispute with its warehouse operator led to delayed deliveries.

On Twitter, it said: ‘Due to delays with delivering online orders, we have taken the decision to cancel and refund all orders that have not already been sent to customers.

‘All customers affected will receive an email in the next couple of days. 

‘Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.’

15 August 2017: Frustrated House of Fraser customers have taken to social media today to complain about delayed deliveries, and at the same time the House of Fraser website has been offline.

Which? has seen a flood of new complaints on social media from House of Fraser customers with delayed orders.

House of Fraser has been informing disgruntled customers: ‘Regrettably, due to recent change in ownership, some orders have been delayed.

‘We don’t currently have a timescale for delivery. However, your order will be delivered as soon as possible.’

House of Fraser customers complain on Twitter about late deliveries
House of Fraser customers complain on Twitter about late deliveries

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Don’t want your order any more? Cancel it

All you need to do is notify the retailer you’d like to cancel and want a refund for the cost of the item and delivery.

You should do this in writing by email or by calling them and asking for an email address you can send your written notification to.

Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations you should be provided with a cancellation form at the point of sale, although you don’t have to use it.

Most online sellers will provide an email address you can send a cancellation to.

House of Fraser website down for maintenance on 15 August 2018
The House of Fraser website has been offline for maintenance today

If you’re unable to find or access customer service contact details due to House of Fraser’s website being down for maintenance, you could contact them via social media for contact details.

House of Fraser then has to refund you within 14 days of the date you have informed them of your wish to cancel.

Read our guide for more on your rights to cancel an online order.

Your cancellation rights

If you’ve ordered online, you haven’t received the goods you ordered and you’d like to cancel, you are within your rights under the Consumer Contracts Regulations to cancel your online order.

Your right to cancel an order starts the moment you place your order and doesn’t end until 14 days from the day you receive your goods.

House of Fraser customer exercises cancellation rights following late delivery
House of Fraser customer exercises cancellation rights following late delivery

Bur there are some orders where you won’t have the automatic right to cancel – it will be down to the retailer’s store policy whether you can get your money back.

These include items that are bespoke or personalised, goods likely to deteriorate rapidly, or where the seal is broken on CDs, DVDs and computer software.

They also include goods with a seal for health protection and hygiene reasons that’s been broken.

But if the items eventually arrive faulty or damaged, you can return them under the Consumer Rights Act.

Still want the goods? Make time of the essence

If you still want the goods, contact the retailer and make time of the essence.

Give the retailer a fair date to order the goods by and include any reasons why it’s important they do it by this date.

If you’ve already complained to the retailer and asked it to re-deliver within a reasonable timeframe, and it fails to do so, you may also cancel the order and are entitled to a full refund.

Not sure how to complain? Read our guide for step-by-step advice on complaining for late and undelivered goods.

Paid extra for special delivery? Get a refund

You should always be entitled to get what you pay for.

So, if you paid extra for special, nominated or next-day delivery for your parcel to arrive at a specific time, and your parcel is late in arriving, you should ask for a refund of the money you paid to make the delivery faster.

House of Fraser customer requests refund for late timed delivery
House of Fraser customer requests refund for late timed delivery

If you upgraded your delivery from a slower option, you should ask for the difference to be refunded.

You won’t be refunded the basic cost for delivery, but if the delay is great you may entitled to compensation which could cover this.

You might also be entitled to compensation. Read our guide on getting a refund and compensation for late delivery after paying extra.

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