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Should you buy a Hisense fridge freezer?

Discover the pros and cons of choosing a cheap fridge freezer from this relatively unknown brand

Should you buy a Hisense fridge freezer?

We’ve reviewed 29 Hisense fridge freezers and more than one in three are good enough to be Best Buys.

Better yet, the average price of a Hisense Best Buy is more than £150 less than average cost of the 115 Best Buy fridge freezers we recommend.

Even better, many Hisense fridge freezer are equipped with lots of the latest features and available with a stylish black or stainless-steel finish in addition to the standard white.

Compare all our Hisense fridge freezer reviews.

A downside is that you tend to get slightly less usable storage space in a Hisense Best Buy. We’ve also found the running costs to be a little higher, and because Hisense is still an emerging refrigeration brand in the UK, we don’t yet have enough data to know whether its appliances will stay fault-free for long as the most reliable fridge freezer brand.

If you’re tempted, there’s a growing number of excellent Best Buys to consider. Just make sure you avoid the 12 Hisense fridge freezers we’ve named as Don’t Buys. We’ve found the flammable plastic backing on these models can exacerbate the spread of flames in the event of a fire in your home. Find out more about fridge freezer safety.

Best cheap fridge freezers

Hisense fridge freezers are neither as cheap as rivals from Logik and Hoover, nor as well-known as models from big-name brands such as Samsung and Siemens.

We’ve compared three of the latest Hisense fridge freezers with cheaper alternatives below – all of which have flame-retardant metal or aluminium laminate backing.

Hisense RB412N4AI1 – £370

The Hisense RB412N4AI1 may not look especially cheap, but you’ll struggle to find a stainless-steel model with this many features for less.

Some of the cheapest fridge freezers we’ve tested struggle to maintain a safe and steady temperature when the temperature in your kitchen rises or falls. Read our Hisense RB412N4AI1 review to see if this has the same problem.

Cheaper alternative: You could save £140 on the C55CW18, a cheap and cheerful freestanding fridge freezer from Currys Essentials. Unsurprisingly, you get less storage space and less features – the freezer isn’t even frost-free – but that might be a price worth paying if it can keep your food fresher for longer, while also being easy to live with. Read our Currys Essentials C55CW18 review for our verdict.

Hisense RB412N4WF1 – £420

There’s little to separate this model from the RB412N4AI1 (above), but the extra £50 will get you a water dispenser and a black finish. You don’t need to plumb in the water dispenser, but that does mean you need to refill it yourself. We’ve also found that a water dispenser can eat into your storage space and affect the temperature in the door racks more than you might expect. Read our Hisense RB412N4WF1 review to see how it fared in our tough tests.

Cheaper alternative: The Hoover HMNB 6182X5WDK also has distinctive angular looks and a water dispenser, but you’ll save yourself £40 and end up with perhaps a better-known brand.

Hisense RQ689N4WF1 – £900


This is one of the most expensive Hisense fridge freezers we’ve seen, but it’s spacious and looks the part thanks to its super-sleek black steel finish. And, on top of all the more usual features – a frost-free freezer, door alarms and a water dispenser – you get a multi-temperature zone that can be used as either fridge or freezer. You could use this to increase your fridge space in the run-up to Christmas, for example, before converting it back to freezer space to preserve any leftovers. Read our Hisense RQ689N4WF1 review.

Cheaper alternative: If you can live without some of the features of the RQ689N4WF1, you could save yourself a massive £450 by buying the Logik LSBSX18.

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Prices correct as of 1 October 2018.

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