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Five TVs to look for this Black Friday

Our pick of the TVs from LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony that we think will get a price drop on 24 November

There’s not long to go before one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Stores have lined up extra staff and websites are prepared for the influx of visitors, but are you ready?

Doing your research and having an idea of what you want to buy is wise. Good deals go quickly and if you don’t have some products in mind, you could be left with nothing more than an egg yolk separator in your shopping basket.

Yes, Black Friday is awash with questionable deals on even more questionable products, but it’s a great time to buy a TV. The majority of those from LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony have already been on sale for around five months and the prices are ready to drop.

In fact, many of them already have. Prices lower steadily from launch, but some get cheaper more quickly than others, which is a decent indicator of what’s going to get further discounts come 23 November.

We’ve found five TVs with big price drops that we reckon will be a steal on the big day. Read our expert reviews to see why they might deserve a place alongside that yolk separator in your Black Friday basket.

With tests of more than 160 TVs in 2018, you’ll find the one for you in our TV reviews guide

LG 43UK6300PLB

Launched at £599 – now available for £349

43-inch TVs aren’t as common as 49-inch or 55-inch models, but there are still a few in every manufacturer’s range – especially at the lower end. The LG 43UK6300PLB may not be an OLED set or even one of LG’s Super UHD LCD models, but it’s still 4K and supports contrast-boosting HDR technology. It’s also a bargain.

The price has almost halved since it launched earlier this year and that could mean the price will drop even further on Black Friday.

A bad TV isn’t worth any of your money of course, so only buy the LG 43UK6300PLB if it’s one of our recommended sets. You can head to our LG 43UK6300PLB review to see how it got on.

Samsung UE50NU7400

Launched at £649 – now available for £442

A price drop of almost a third is nothing to sniff at, especially when its on a TV that only launched in June. Samsung’s 7 Series is packed with ranges, eight of them to be exact, and some will invariably stand out more than others.

It’s possible that the 7400 TVs haven’t been getting the same level of attention as the 7670s or 7500s and that could account for the big price drop. It also makes them a prime candidate for a Black Friday deal.

This 50-inch model is 4K and supports one of the newer HDR formats, HDR10+. HDR is designed to boost contrast, making blacks blacker and whites whiter, but this can sometimes lead to detail being masked. HDR10+ adjusts the contrast dynamically for each scene, so it shouldn’t ever be overly dark or bright.

There’s no shortage of choice in the 49 to 50-inch size bracket and a TV needs to excel to stand out from the crowd. See how this TV fares in our Samsung UE50NU7400 review.


Launched at £2,699 – now available for £1,699

This 55-inch OLED is one of LG’s top TVs, but it’s still taken just seven months for the price to fall by £1,000. We reckon it could fall even further and come 23 November we’ll know for sure.

But should you have your eye on it? OLED has become a byword for quality, but so have many new TV innovations over the years and one thing they all have in common is inconsistency. OLEDs are no different: we’ve found Best Buys, but there are also several that haven’t done so well.

LG releases more OLEDs than anyone else and it has done for a few years. It has added a few new features to the melting pot this year, including voice control, new HDR formats and more. Sound and picture quality are what matter most, though. Read our LG OLED55C8PLA review to see if it’s a Best Buy.

Sony KD49XF8096BU

Launched at £939 – now available for £729

A £210 drop may not be as hefty as some of the TVs above, but the prices of Sony’s TVs has been slower to lower than other brands’ sets.

The 49-inch 8096BU sits somewhere in the middle of Sony’s 2018 range, with Full HD TVs below and OLEDs above. The 9000 Sonys should be its best LCD TVs, but at £729 the 8096BU should still be mightily impressive.

In previous years, Sony’s LCD TVs have struggled when displaying resolutions lower than 4K and some have had sound issues, too. Sony now uses unique sound technology for its OLEDs that vibrates the screen. While the ‘acoustic surface’, as Sony calls it, may not have filtered down to LCD TVs just yet, that doesn’t mean Sony hasn’t imparted some of the lessons learnt from the new tech into its cheaper ranges.

Is this Sony among out top-scoring TVs of the year? Find out in our Sony KD49XF8096BU review.

Panasonic TX-55FX700B

Launched at £999 – now available for £669

As with Sony, Panasonic’s TVs don’t come down in price as quickly as LG or Samsung sets. This is partly because its range is smaller and there are fewer TVs to discount, whereas the two market leaders have more scope to lower the price of one range while several more hold their value.

The 700B TVs are close to the top of Panasonic’s LCD range; only the 750Bs stand above them. That means they benefit from HDR10+, which is capable of adjusting contrast dynamically for even deeper blacks and vivid whites.

At £669 there are still a fair few 55-inch TVs that cost less, and we reckon the price will come down even further over Black Friday. But is any amount too much to pay for it? Here’s our Panasonic TX-55FX700B review.

How to keep track of prices

TV prices follow a predictable trend. They get steadily cheaper and reach their lowest price after roughly eight months on sale, but during that time there are peaks and troughs where the prices inexplicably go up and down.

Which? members can follow these trends in the ‘where to buy’ tab on all our reviews. It will show you the lowest price the TV has ever reached and tell you whether it’s a good time to buy or if you should wait for a lower price.

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