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Revealed: the best and worst riser recliner chairs we’ve ever tested

Our latest tests have unearthed the best riser recliner chair we’ve ever reviewed – it’s really comfortable and simple to use

Revealed: the best and worst riser recliner chairs we’ve ever tested

As well as finding a riser recliner chair that excelled in our tests, we’ve also tested a chair that performed so poorly we’ve made it a Don’t Buy. 

Our expert testers and user panel found the top-performing chair a breeze to use and extremely comfortable. Plus, they felt secure when getting in and out of it and when changing position. It easily earns our Best Buy recommendation.

The worst, on the other hand, makes adjustments slowly and has a handset that’s tricky to understand. Plus, a large 9cm gap opens up between the backrest and seat when the chair is reclined, which you may find uncomfortable. We were so unimpressed with this riser recliner chair that we’ve made it a Don’t Buy.

Quickly discover which chairs top our tests by heading to Best Buy riser recliner chairs.

Do you need to pay more for a good riser recliner chair? 

Our latest tests uncovered three Best Buy riser recliner chairs that would be an excellent addition to your lounge, making a total of 10 Best Buys to choose from across all our reviews.

But don’t assume you need to fork out a fortune to sit in comfort, as we’ve found there’s no direct link between price and quality. 

Our cheapest Best Buy riser recliner costs from less than £1,000; we’ve found other chairs that cost almost twice as much that didn’t perform as well in our tests. 

As with all riser recliner chairs, the final price you pay will probably depend on the specific features and fabric you choose. 

Here’s the full list of our latest riser recliner chair reviews, ordered alphabetically. Click on the link for the individual review and test scores, to help you find the right one for you:

Five top tips for choosing a riser recliner chair

If you choose a riser recliner chair on a whim, you risk spending more than you need to and ending up with one that’s uncomfortable and frustrating to use.

Our user testing panel found all our Best Buy riser recliner chairs comfortable, but it’s well worth doing your own research and trying before you buy to make sure you agree. 

To help narrow down your choice, here are five questions you should ask yourself before choosing a riser recliner chair:

  • What’s your budget? This may affect what type of chair you can afford. The dual-motor chairs we’ve tested, which let you control the back and footrest independently, cost from around £500 to around £2,000. More basic models cost around £350.
  • Does the chair have any weight restrictions? If the chair isn’t suitable for your weight, the frame may become unstable. If this is the case, you may be better off with a special heavy-duty chair.
  • Should you consider a waterfall back? Waterfall backs provide tiered layers of padding in three separate pillows that cascade down the chair, for softer sitting.
  • Do you qualify for VAT exemption? If you have a specific mobility problem and you need special equipment to live independently, you may be able to buy the chair without paying VAT.
  • What features do you want? Some chairs come with additional features – for example, a back-up battery to help you out in the event of a power cut, or an anti-crush mechanism to prevent fingers from getting caught.

Head to our in-depth article on how to buy the best riser recliner chair for more detail on all these factors, and extra expert shopping tips.

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