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Five TVs to look for this Black Friday

There will be some absolute dross on offer this Black Friday, but we've picked five TVs of all sizes and prices we think will get cheap

Five TVs to look for this Black Friday

Whether you prefer the thrill of battling the throngs of fervent shoppers to find your next TV, or you like to bargain hunt online from the comfort of your armchair, Black Friday is prime TV-buying time.

A plan is what you need, especially with hundreds of sets to choose from and no idea whether you’re going to bag a brilliant TV or one that shouldn’t have even made it onto the production line.

So get your well-researched shortlist ready to make sure you end up with a telly you’ll be happy to watch for years to come. We’ve already done some of the heavy lifting for you below.

What size TV should I buy? Before you start choosing, you need to know what screen size is best for your room.

Hisense H55O8BUK

  • Display: OLED
  • Size: 55 inches
  • Current price: £1,199
  • Potential Black Friday price: £999

OLED TVs stand out. They usually have the sharpest designs, most enticing features and often take pride of place on a shop floor. But one look at the price can put you off OLEDs forever. Most cost £1,500 or more, but not all.

Hisense has been undercutting its rivals for years, with mixed success, and 2019 marked the year it released its first OLED, the 55-inch H55O8BUK.

This good-looking TV is already £1,199 and we reckon that price will drop to £1,000 or maybe less come Black Friday.

It’s unlikely that one of LG’s, Panasonic’s or Sony’s OLEDs will get below four figures, which makes the Hisense your best bet if you want a (relatively) low-cost OLED, but is it your best bet if you want a good TV?

Read our full Hisense H55O8BUK review.

Samsung QE43Q60R

  • Display: QLED
  • Size: 43 inches
  • Current price: £599
  • Potential Black Friday price: £499

There will be numerous 43-inch TVs cheaper than this one on Black Friday, but none will have so many advanced features. The Q60R is a QLED, which means it uses quantum dots to create colours, whereas traditional LCD TVs use liquid crystals. The dots are supposed to produce more vibrant colours, and many of the QLEDs we test are as vibrant as they come.

QLED means more than quantum dots though: Samsung’s premier ranges have ambient mode, which is where the TV mimics the wall behind it when not in use, or displays beautiful works of art to help it blend in. Voice control is built in, too, and Bixby, as the assistant is called, can search your apps for stuff to watch even if you can only settle on the genre of film you fancy.

Headline features abound, but all are secondary to picture and sound. Read our review to see whether these features are masking poor quality or complementing excellent fundamentals.

Samsung QE43Q60R review.

LG 65SM8500PLA

  • Display: LCD
  • Size: 65 inches
  • Current price: £999
  • Potential Black Friday price: £799

Demand for big televisions increases every year, and 65-inchers now make up a significant part of each brand’s TV line-up. They also usually take a significant proportion of your bank balance.

As one of LG’s high-end LCD TVs, the 65SM8500PLA is no different, but come Black Friday we think that could change. It’s from the NanoCell range, which means, OLEDs aside, that it has some of LG’s most advanced technology, including the second-generation Alpha 7 processor for sharper pictures and upscaling, and support for four HDR formats.

Our review reveals whether this should be top of your big TV shortlist.

LG 65SM8500PLA review

Panasonic TX-40GX700B

  • Display: LCD
  • Size: 40 inches
  • Current price: £449
  • Potential Black Friday price: £349

If you want the smallest 4K TV around, then you’ve found it. It’s also one of the cheapest, but this has more to do with size than spec.

This mid-range TV supports HDR10+, an advanced format that can adjust contrast to suit each scene, which should minimise the amount of 4K content that looks too dark or bright.

You can use your voice to control certain aspects of the TV, too. There’s no built-in voice assistant though, so you’ll need an Amazon Echo or Google Home to act as a go-between.

This Panasonic may be one of the smallest sets from the well-known manufacturers, but is it better than the raft of 43-inch TVs from other brands?

Panasonic TX-40GX700B review.

Samsung UE49RU7300

  • Display: curved LCD
  • Size: 49 inches
  • Current price: £449
  • Potential Black Friday Price: £349

Curved TVs won’t go the way of the dinosaurs as long as Samsung keeps supporting them. But these niche TVs have a good chance of being cheap on Black Friday if their flat counterparts have proved more popular with shoppers in 2019.

It’s an entry-level range, which means you won’t find a built-in PVR for recording shows, but this sort of feature is worth losing if it means you can get a dirt-cheap TV that looks and sounds excellent.

We suspect the 55-inch and 65-inch 7300s could get cheap, too, but are any worth your money on Black Friday?

Samsung UE49RU7300 review.

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