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23 Jun 2022

Joie car seats - how do they compare?

Find out how child car seats from Joie measure up for prices, features and their range of sizes

Joie is one of the most popular baby brands in the UK. As well as child car seats, it makes pushchairs, baby carriers, high chairs, baby rockers, cots and cribs.

We currently have reviews for 18 Joie car seats, three of which have been given Best Buy status. It's also one of the most searched-for car seat brands on the Which? website. 

Keep scrolling to find out which Joie car seats are suitable for your baby or child's age/stage, how much they'll cost and how the different seats compare. 

Head straight to our Joie car seat reviews. Or, see our round-up of the best car seats for 2022.

What Joie car seats have we tested?

ModelTypical priceSeat groupHeight or weight of child
Bold£200Group 1/2/39-36kg
Duallo£120Group 2/315-36kg
Every Stage£150Group 0+/1/2/30-36kg
Every Stage FX£200Group 0+/1/2/30-36kg
i-Gemm i-Size (with base)£210i-Size baby40-85cm
i-Level£200i-Size baby40-75cm
i-Snug + i-Base Advance£215i-Size baby40-75cm

Prices correct as of 22 June 2022

Cheap Joie car seat

Joie Trillo LX

The cheapest Joie car seat we've tested is the Joie Trillo LX, which retails for £60.

This is a group 2/3 high back booster seat that's approved for use with children weighing 15-36kg, which is around four to 12 years old.

Your child and the seat is secured using the vehicle seatbelt, but the Trillo LX also comes with Isofix hooks that you can attach to the car's Isofix points to provide more stability. 

Read our Joie Trillo LX review to find out how it scores in our crash tests. 

Joie baby car seats

Joie i-Gemm i-Size with base, £210

Joie i-Gemma car seat with base

The i-Gemm has been around for years, and has recently been replaced by the i-Gemm 2 (which we haven't tested yet), however, you may still see the first edition on sale at some retailers. It's an i-Size seat approved for babies measuring 40-85cm long, which is newborn up to 15 months old, and comes with side impact protection.

It's a travel-system compatible car seat and can be installed using vehicle three-point seatbelt.

Read our Joie i-Gemm i-Size with base review to see if we recommend buying. 

Joie i-Snug + i-Base Advance, £215

Joie i-snug and i-base advance car seat

The i-Snug is approved for babies from birth to 75cm, which is around 12 months old. 

This infant carrier is very light - just 3.2kg - which should make carrying your baby in it from car to home, or clicking it onto a travel system pushchair, much easier. It can also be fixed into your car via an isofix base or belted.

Read our Joie i-Snug + i-Base Advance review to find out if it's a Best Buy car seat.

Joie i-Level, £200

Joie i-Level car seat

Experts say you shouldn't keep very young babies in a car seat for longer than around 20 minutes as they should be in a flat or nearly flat position when travelling where possible, as it's the most ergonomic for them. 

The i-Level aims to solve this issue because it can recline to an angle of more than 150 degrees, which is nearly horizontal. 

Find out if it sailed through our tough crash tests, and if it's easy to use by reading the full Joie i-Level review.

Joie baby to toddler car seats

Joie i-Spin Grow, £400

Joie i-Spin Grow

The i-Spin seats are a range of child car seats that can be rotated on the base to help make it easier getting your child into the seat and to turn it forward-facing once your child is old enough. Many are extended rearward-facing, so you can keep your child facing backwards (which is safer) for longer.

The i-Spin Grow has a long shelf-life as you can use it with children measuring 40cm to 125cm, which is birth to approximately six years old.

Check our full Joie i-Spin Grow review to find out how it performed in our tests.

Joie i-Spin 360 i-size, £300

Joie i-spin 360

This extended rearward-facing car seat is approved for children from birth to 105cm, which is around age four. 

As the name suggests, you can spin it a full 360 degrees. This should help when putting your child into the seat, and if you want to turn it forward facing (no earlier than 15 months).

But is this child car seat easy to install and comfortable? Read our full Joie i-Spin 360 i-Size review to find out.

Joie i-Spin Safe, £350

Joie i-Spin Safe

This car seat is similar to the one above, except it's rearward-facing only. You can still swivel it 90 degrees, to help you get your child into the car, but you can't turn it forward-facing. 

It's been put through something called the Swedish Plus Test. This voluntary approval test, which is only open to rearward-only car seats, uses faster speeds and shorter stopping times in crash tests to really put car seats through their paces, as well as taking measurements on the neck loads of the crash test dummies.

Read our Joie i-Spin Safe review, or take a look at other tested models in this seat group, which include the Joie Spin 360 and the Joie i-Venture.

Joie child car seats

Joie i-Traver, £160

Joie i-Traver

Approved for children measuring 100-150cm (around four to 12 years old), the i-Traver is the i-size version of the Traver (mentioned below), which means it's been designed and approved to the latest R129 regulations. 

The seat has an extendable seat base and Guard Surround Safety panels, which you can fit to provide extra side-impact protection.

Read our i-Traver review to find out if it makes a difference to its safety scores.

Joie i-Trillo LX, £100

Joie i-Trillo LX

A slightly cheaper i-size child car seat than the i-Traver, the i-Trillo LX has an extendable 10-position headrest, two retractable food and drink holders in the seat base, and removable machine washable covers. 

You can use it with children measuring 100-150cm, which is approximately four to 12 years.

Read our full Joie i-Trillo LX review to find out if it's a safe and comfortable high-back booster seat.

Joie Traver, £90

Joie Traver car seat

The Traver was launched in 2017, so has been around for a while, but it's as popular as ever, and good value, too. 

The group 2/3 seat is suitable for children weighing 15-36kg (around age four to 12 years), and is installed into the car via 'Isosafe' connectors and the vehicle seatbelt. 

Read the Joie Traver review for more information on its test scores. Other tested models in this seat group include the Joie Duallo.

Joie multi-group car seats

Joie Bold, £199

Joie Bold car seat

This multi-group seat has a five-point harness that can be used until your child weighs 25kg, which is about age five or six, at which point it can be removed and stored within the seat so it's kept safe. Your child is then restrained using the vehicle seatbelt.

It's approved for use with babies from 9kg (around 12 months) up to 36kg (around 12 years old).

This seat is an 'oldie' (launching in June 2017), but is it a goodie? Read the Joie Bold review to find out.

Joie Trillo Shield, £120

Joie Trillo Shield

The Trillo Shield is a group 1/2/3 seat approved to R44 regulations to be used with children weighing 9-36kg (12 months to 12 years). 

It's almost identical to the Joie Trillo LX mentioned above, but this version has a Group 1 mode, whereas the Trillo LX is only Group 2/3.

Read the Joie Trillo Shield review to find out if it's simple to install and safe for your baby or child.

Joie Every Stage FX

Joie Every Stage

This multi-group child car seat passed the regulatory tests required by R44 regulations to be sold as suitable for children from birth up to 36kg (about 12 years old). 

But in our own tests, which are conducted at higher speeds and forces than the standard requires, this forward-facing seat scored poorly for frontal-impact results when used in Group 1 mode, so it ended up being a Don't Buy.

Even if you're not a Which? member, you can read the safety alert on the Joie Every Stage FX car seat review to find out more information.

Other tested models in this group include the Joie Every Stage.