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29 May 2019

UK mobile download speeds lag behind other countries

Australia, Canada and Spain outrank the UK for download speeds

A new report reveals that the UK's mobile download speeds and 4G availability lag behind those of other countries, including Australia, Canada and Spain.

South Korea scored best for both while the UK ranked mid-table, according to the latest global report from mobile analytics company Opensignal.

Opensignal's analysis looked at 87 countries in total, crowdsourcing more than 139 billion measurements from over 43 million devices between January and March this year.

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Download speeds: who outranks the UK?

South Korea had the fastest download speed, with an average of 52.4Mbps. At this speed, you could download a HD movie that's 750MB in 1 minute 54 seconds. It was the only country in the report to achieve more than 50Mbps download speed.

Norway (average speed of 48.2Mbps) and Canada (42.5Mbps) were next-fastest.

The UK finished in 26th place for download speeds with an average speed of 21.7Mbps. Bulgaria (22.5Mbps), Greece (23.3Mbps) and Hungary (31.5Mbps), were also all faster than the UK, on average.

4G availability: who outranks the UK?

The UK ranked one place higher overall for 4G availability, finishing 25th. Mobile users can access a 4G signal 84.7% of the time that they try to do so. Reliable 4G signal is crucial for internet-based apps, for example map directions and video calls.

Top for 4G availability was South Korea where users can access a 4G signal an impressive 97.5% of the time. Next were Japan (96.3%) and Norway (95.5%).

Users in the USA were able to access a 4G signal 93% of the time. This is perhaps surprising when you consider the geographical challenges and sheer size of the USA, so it's an impressive feat.

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