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17 Aug 2019

Why do people stick with their TV and broadband provider?

Most people stay with the same provider for more than five years - but not necessarily because they think it's the best
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Our survey of more than 1,000 TV and Broadband customers has found that the majority stick with the same provider for long periods. Only 15% told us they had been with their current provider for less than two years. Meanwhile, 40% had been with the same provider for more than 10 years.

With an increasing number of broadband providers offering TV service, and prices typically being higher for longstanding customers, what prompts people to stick with the same provider for long period? Read on to discover which provider people stay with because they think it offers the best service.

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Which TV and broadband provider is best?

We found that it's Virgin Media's customers who are the most likely to be longstanding - most told us they had been subscribed for more than five years (79%). Meanwhile, BT's customers were the most likely to be new customers, although this was still a minority - only 23% had be signed up for less than two years.

Overall, customers generally told us they stick with their provider because they think it's the best - 29% said this overall. But when you break it down, there are big differences between providers. Other reasons given include a fear that other providers will be worse (26%) and the feeling that the current provider offers the best price (25%). But the distinct differences between customers of the Big Four providers suggest that they each have a different set of reasons for not switching away.

The elite ones

This status goes to Virgin Media - 37% of customers say they stay a customer of the company because they feel their provider is the best. By comparison, just 15% of TalkTalk's customers said this was the case. Explore whether it could be the best choice for you using our Virgin Media review.

The comfortable ones

Sky customers seem to stick with it out of ease - 23% said they stay Sky customers simply because they like the company. Some 21% said they believe other providers will be worse than Sky, so stay where they are. Weigh up whether this reputation is deserved using our Sky review.

The reputable ones

BT customers were by and far the most likely to say they feel loyal to their provider - 21% said this was the case. In contrast, the provider with the second-most steadfast customers was Sky, where just 9% said they felt loyal to their provider. Find out how customers rated its service in our BT review.

The affordable ones

The majority of TalkTalk's customers stick with its service because it's cheap - 73% said they think the provider offers the best price for their television and broadband bundle. Find out whether it's cheap and cheerful or not in our TalkTalk review.

Best and worst TV and broadband providers

If you're considering signing up to a new TV and broadband provider, you'll need to weigh up several things. The speed and reliability of your internet connection are essential considerations, as well as which television channels are on offer. If you're on the market for a new bundle, read our guide on how to get the best TV and broadband package then use Which? Switch Broadband to compare the prices for different bundles in your area.

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