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8 July 2021

Where to buy riser recliner chairs

If you've decided that a riser recliner chair is right for you, you'll need to choose where to buy one. Read our expert guide to help you decide.
Hannah Fox

Our expert guide will take you through your riser recliner chair buying options and considerations, whether you're shopping online, at home or on the high street.

Before you read on, check you're getting the best chair with our riser recliner chair reviews.

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Buying a riser recliner chair safely

You can buy a riser recliner chair from a retailer or direct from the manufacturer, whether you're buying bespoke or something 'off the peg' - find out more about this in our how to buy the best riser recliner chair guide.

A mobility shop should have staff who can advise you on all kinds of equipment, including riser recliner chairs, as well as models you can try. This can be a good way of exploring what features would suit you, such as seeing if you want to pay extra for a waterfall back rather than a standard chair back.

You can read more about the different features on our riser recliner features explained page.

If you've got a particular model of riser recliner in mind, the manufacturer should be able to give you the names of mobility shops that stock your chosen reclining chair.

Whichever retailer you choose, check whether it's accredited by the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA). BHTA members have to abide by a code of practice, approved by the Trading Standards Institute. This means they should be clear about pricing and not pressure you into buying or sell you something unsuitable.

To find out whether a company is BHTA accredited, you can check the BHTA website. Alternatively, look for a membership certificate in the shop or a BHTA logo on the company’s website.

Manufacturers have to comply with British standards, which means that all riser recliner chairs sold in the UK have undergone testing for strength and stability, and should give years of continuous use. Most manufacturers will also provide a warranty. But if you want extra reassurance that the chair you're buying is safe, comfortable and reliable, we'd recommend choosing a Which? Best Buy riser recliner.

Home visits

Some retailers offer a home service where a sales representative arranges a visit and brings a chair sample for you to try.  

You should expect the rep to show you ID on arrival and it's best to try and set a time limit for the visit so that you're not left exhausted at the end of it. If you do buy, insist on written information and a cooling-off period.

It's an idea to have a friend or relative with you for an appointment like this, so they can provide support if needed, and you can discuss your decision with them before deciding whether to buy.

Buying riser recliner chairs online or from a catalogue

If you're buying online, it's probably because you know you want a certain 'off the peg' rather than bespoke model. If you want to try a range of chairs before deciding - which we recommend you do - a disabled living or local equipment centre may be an option, depending on where you live in the UK.

When you're buying online, check out the company’s returns policy and, in particular, who is responsible for the cost of removing and returning the chair should you decide it’s not for you. You can check what your rights are under the Distance Selling Regulations on our Consumer Rights website.

Hiring a riser recliner chair or buying second hand

It's possible to pick up a second-hand riser recliner chair from private sales websites such as eBay.

Remember that there's no guarantee that the chair is the right fit for you, though, so it's best to follow the same steps as if you were buying new. It's also possible to hire a chair from specialist companies such as Mobilityhire.com.

Wherever you decide to buy, it's worth taking a look at our reviews, as we test for comfort, whether you'll feel secure, ease of use, speed of operation and back-up battery, using a combination of lab-based and user tests - so check our recliner reviews before you buy.

Fabrics for riser recliner chairs

Riser recliner chairs can be bought in a range of upholstery fabrics, including leather, suede and cotton, as well as manmade fibres such as leatherette and polyester/acrylic. You can also buy anti-fungal and waterproof covers, as well as stainproof and stain-resistant materials.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of styles and patterns, allowing you to coordinate your chair with your other furniture, so it won't look like an odd standalone addition to your lounge. Some also offer the option of you supplying the fabric to cover your chair so it matches your existing furniture.

Riser recliner chair accessories

Chairs can be enhanced with a range of accessories and optional extras, including:

  • Firmer or softer cushioning
  • Memory foam cushioning
  • Extra cushioning/padding, eg in arms or head wings
  • Removable arms (for side transfer)
  • Arm covers
  • Pads (for the back and seat)
  • Glides/wheels
  • Extra pockets (for magazines, remote controls, etc)
  • Heated backs.