Driving advice Advice on speeding tickets

  • What to expect if you get a speeding ticket or fine
  • How speeding tickets are dealt with by the police and magistrates
  • How to challenge a speeding ticket in court
  • How the best sat navs can alert you to speed cameras

What's in this guide

  1. Speeding fines: your rights

    How the police decide when to issue speeding tickets and how the law can help.

  2. How to contest a speeding ticket

    How to contest a speeding ticket or offence, and the defences you can use.

  3. Speeding ticket sample letters

    Templates you can use for letters to help you deal with a speeding ticket.

  4. Speeding tickets in Scotland and NI

    How speeding regulations and speeding tickets differ outside England and Wales.

  5. The truth about speed cameras

    Safety aids or revenue raisers? We look at both sides of the speed camera debate.

  6. Speeding ticket FAQs

    Your frequently asked questions about speeding tickets answered by the experts.