Travel agent booking rights

Under the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018 (The Regulations) whoever you book your holiday with is responsible for the performance of the package.

So if you think you've been mislead by a travel agent or website, you should raise your concerns with them as soon as possible so they can try put it right.

If they don't, you should make a formal complaint.

Complain about a holiday

If you booked a holiday and it didn’t go how you planned, we can help you make a claim.

Complain about a holiday

Misleading advice from travel agents

Misrepresentation takes place when you’re induced into entering into a contract with a travel company on the basis of something they said, which you later discover is untrue.

For example, if you ask the travel agent for a quiet relaxing holiday and they persuade you to book a holiday at a notoriously loud party resort, you could claim against the tour operator for the cancellation of your holiday and a full refund if you discover the truth about the resort before you travel.  

Alternatively, you could claim compensation from the tour operator if you discover the misrepresentation once you get to your resort.

Travel agents and package holidays

If you’re booking a package holiday through a travel agent then the agent has legal obligations under The Regulations.

These set out what information you must be told before the contract is concluded and before the package holiday starts.

The regulations say that the travel agent (or tour operator) should not provide misleading information in any form of communication - like in an advert or brochure - in relation to the package holiday itself, the price of the package holiday, or other conditions related to the contract between you and the tour operator.  

Any travel agent (or tour operator) in breach of this regulation is liable for any loss which you suffer as a consequence.

Travel agents who don't comply with this can be fined.

What travel agents must provide

Before you book your holiday, the travel agent should provide you with:

  • Information regarding Visa and passport requirements and appropriate time scales to obtain these
  • Any health formalities required for your trip
  • Details regarding the security of your money and, where applicable, any repatriation in the event of insolvency

If your travel agent has breached these regulations, report it to the company in question first. You can then escalate the alleged breach of contract to court if it's not resolved.

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