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My online order still hasn’t arrived

If you bought your buggy without having face-to-face contact (for example by telephone, mail order or online) you have certain additional rights under the Consumer Contracts Regulations

The most important of these is the right to cancel your order. Your right to cancel starts the moment you place your order and ends 14 days from the day you receive your goods.

It’s always worth re-checking the website to see the delivery time stipulated. If one wasn’t given, the order must be delivered within 30 days.

So if no time was stipulated and 30 days have passed, the contract will come to an end and the shop will have to reimburse you.

In Summary

  • Buying online means you have the right to cancel which allows you to cancel your order the moment you place it and doesn't end until 14 days from the day you receive your goods.
  • By paying the shop for your buggy, your contract is with them, not the manufacturer.
  • There is a default delivery period set out in the Consumer Rights Act of 30 days during which the retailer needs to deliver unless a longer period has been agreed.

The shop says there's no stock

The fact that the manufacturer may be having problems with stock shouldn't be used as an excuse by the shop. 

By paying your money to the shop, your contract is with them - not the manufacturer.

In return, the shop is under a legal obligation to fulfil the contract and supply you with the pushchair within a reasonable time of you placing the order.

If there are genuine supply issues - because of the popularity of the pushchair for example - then you’d have to be reasonable. 

But if you saw another shop with the same pushchair in stock, you could write to your shop giving them a deadline and making ‘time of the essence’.

If the shop was then unable to supply the pushchair by the deadline day, you’d be entitled to cancel the order, get your money back, and buy the pushchair elsewhere.

My baby is due soon, what can I do?

Unless you made it a condition of the contract that you had your pushchair by a certain date, all the shop has to do is supply your pushchair within a reasonable time. 

So sadly, you may not get your pushchair on time. 

If however, you’ve already been waiting way beyond a reasonable time, then you should write to the shop and give it a deadline, stating that you're making 'time of the essence'.

If the shop is then unable to supply the pushchair by this designated date, you’d be entitled to cancel the order, get your money back, and buy your pushchair somewhere else - hopefully in time for your baby’s arrival.

If you bought the pushchair online, over the phone or by mail order then the Consumer Contracts Regulations would apply and you’d be free to cancel your order at any time.

Still waiting months after birth

The Consumer Rights Act, which applies to all goods purchased after 1 October 2015, says that there is a default delivery period of 30 days during which the retailer needs to deliver unless a longer period has been agreed.

If the retailer fails to deliver your pushchair within the 30 days or on the date agreed and it was essential that it was delivered on time, you have the right to terminate the purchase and get a full refund.

If the delivery isn’t time essential but another reasonable delivery time can’t be agreed, you’re also within your right to cancel the order for a full refund.

If you order goods away from the retailer’s premises, for example online or over the phone, the apply.

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