What data does my smart meter collect?

Your smart meter records information about how much gas and electricity you’ve used, but doesn’t store other personal information that could identify you, such as your name, address or bank account. Your Energy Supplier will continue to hold your personal details on your account.

All this information about your energy use is strongly protected. The law, which is explained in the Energy UK Data guide for smart meters, puts strict controls on:

  • Your data
  • Who can access it
  • How you choose to share it

How can I control what data is shared?

It’s your data – you choose what you want to do with it and you can change your mind about how much you share, and how often, at any time. The exception to this if where it is required for billing, and other regulated purposes. So, you can choose:

  • How often your smart meter sends data to your gas and electricity supplier (monthly is minimum, daily or half-hourly are optional)
  • Whether to share data about your energy use with other organisations, like price comparison sites
  • If your supplier can use your meter readings for sales and marketing purposes
  • Whether your supplier is allowed to share details about your energy consumption with other organisations
  • How you can access information about your energy to get the most benefit out of it

If you wish to share your data with third parties (for example, energy switching sites to see what tariff you should be on) you have the right to do so.

Your energy supplier will collect meter readings remotely. If you do not make them aware of your preferences, they can collect a daily meter reading.

How do I see my energy consumption data?

You will be able to see your near real time energy consumption data on your in-home display. If you want to download more detailed historic data, you can do so from your home network. 

Your installer should talk you through how to read and understand your smart meter display. 

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