Who do I complain to about my pension scheme?

On this page we explain who to complain to and how to seek help if you have a complaint about your pension scheme or pension provider.

Go direct to your provider

You should write to your provider and ask them to respond to your complaint. 

If your complaint is against the trustees or managers of an occupational pension scheme, you need to ask them to deal with your complaint under the scheme’s internal dispute resolution procedure (IDRP).

The scheme’s administrator should be able to give you details of the IDRP.

If you need further help

You should also approach the Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS) who can help you to try and resolve your complaint with your provider. 

Complain to the ombudsman

If your provider has failed to respond to your complaint, or you feel hasn't done so fairly, you can escalate your issue to the Pensions Ombudsman (PO)

The ombudsman only deals with complaints about occupational and personal pension schemes. It doesn't deal with complaints relating to state pensions.

For complaints relating to state pensions it is best to approach TPAS.

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