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New Panasonic fridge freezers ‘keep food fresher’

Vitamin Safe feature claims to conserve vitamins

Panasonic NR-B32FX2 fridge freezer

Panasonic NR-B32FX2 fridge freezer with Vitamin Safe compartment

Two new fridge freezers with a ‘Vitamin Safe’ compartment that is claimed to reduce vitamin loss and keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer have been unveiled by Panasonic.

The special humidity controlled compartments feature green and blue LED lights, designed to simulate the hues found in natural sunlight. Panasonic says this activates the foods’ natural defences and reduces vitamin loss. Each compartment has a separate temperature control so perishable food can be kept in optimum conditions.

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A sunbed for your tomatoes?

Which? refrigeration expert Carole Shepherdson says: ‘This technology uses flashing LED lights to imitate sunlight and fool fruit and veg into thinking they are still outside and growing. For tomatoes, for example, it acts as a sunbed, stimulating production of the nutrient lycopene.

‘If you tend to eat your fruit and veg as soon as you get it home from shops, you won’t need this feature. However, if you tend to let it linger more than week then this handy extra could save nutrients and vitamins from degrading.’

Panasonic fridge freezers

Available in stainless steel (NR-B32FX2) and white (NR-B32FW2), the Pansonic frost free fridge freezers use a system of sensors and microprocessors to select the optimum power level, so that the appliance can use less power whenever possible.

Additional features include an air circulation system that’s designed to fight odour and reduce bacteria growth throughout the entire fridge and freezer compartments.

Carole says: ‘We haven’t had a chance to test out these new models yet, but we’ve tried Panasonic’s previous model and were pretty impressed. See what our testers made of the Vitamin Safe feature in our Panasonic NR-B30FX1 review.

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Fridge freezer energy efficiency

After central heating, refrigeration products are the biggest electricity users in the home, so choosing an energy-efficient model could save you money, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

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