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Bumbo baby seat U.S safety alert could affect UK

Which? offers safety advice for Bumbo baby seats

Bumbo child seat | Bumbo recall

Extra safety measures: a Bumbo baby seat with a safety strap fitted inside

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a safety alert on Bumbo baby seats after more than 50 reports of babies being injured using the seat.

The injuries, which have included cases of skull fractures, have occurred after babies have been able to manoeuvre or fall out of the Bumbo seat.

Bumbo International is voluntarily adding a restraint belt to new models sold in the US and Canada and will look into offering this to other markets in the future. For those who already own a Bambo baby seat, it is offering free kits to consumers, which include a strap, instructions and label warning against using the seat on a raised surface such as a table.

Bumbo seats in the UK

Which? deputy home editor Hazel Cottrell says: ‘It’s important that parents use the Bumbo baby seat safely and most of this is common sense, such as not putting it on a raised or uneven surface. But if you’re concerned, request the free safety kit as an extra precaution.’

Bumbo seat UK distributor Tomy is offering the same free kits to all UK owners, including those who did not buy their seat through Tomy. To request a kit, call 01271 336155, or email tomy@responseuk.co.uk. 

If you’re thinking of buying a Bumbo baby seat, we recommend that you try it out in the shop with your child first. When talking to mums about essential baby products, we found that the Bumbo baby seat was reported to be one of the least useful products, mainly because their child didn’t like it or take to it.

Take a look at our full guides to the 10 most useful baby products and 10 least useful baby products.

Using a Bumbo seat safely

If you have a Bumbo baby seat, follow Bumbo’s guidelines below.

  • Do not use it on a raised or uneven surface.
  • Stay with your baby at all times.
  • Always use the restraint belt.
  • Don’t use the seat in or near water.
  • Do not use it in place of other baby equipment such as a  high chair or car seat.

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