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Top 10 most popular kettles of 2012

Philips kettle tops the list

Philips HD4656

The Philips HD4656 was the most popular kettle among Which? members during 2012 – but is its sleek silver finish matched with a super fast boiling speed? 

Which? has test results for more than 150 kettles online, and the Philips kettle review was read more than any other. Kettles from Bosch and Kenwood were also among the most popular.

Which? kettle expert Matt Clear said: ‘We test about 40 kettles each year and 2012 has seen many manufacturers produce kettles that use less energy, which is a positive step. Kettles also seem to be getting faster – one model we had in the lab recently was the fastest we’ve tested in the last four years.’

Click through to our full kettle reviews to find out whether the most popular models are Best Buys.

1. Philips HD4656, £35

Despite being almost five years old, this kettle remains very popular among Which? members. It boasts a sleek, shiny silver finish and some nifty features, such as an illuminated on/off switch so it’s easy to tell if it’s in operation.

Bosch TWK8633GB

Bosch TWK8633GB

2. Bosch TWK8633GB, £55

The eye-catching TWK8633GB kettle from Bosch has a variable-temperature control, so you can select the ideal brewing temperature for a range of drinks. It also comes in white (TWK8631GB).

3. Kenwood JKP210, £28

This Kenwood kettle can boil enough water for up to six cups of tea, or enough for just one. 

4. Philips HD4644, £25

The HD4644 has a clean, simple design and dual water gauges that are clearly marked in cups. 

Philips HD4644

Philips HD4644

5. Kenwood kMix SJM 042, £57

This Kenwood kettle comes in red (041) and black (044), but the cream version is the most popular with Which? members.

We put the kMix to the test on speed of boiling, energy efficiency and much more.

6. Breville Countdown VKJ419, £31

A stainless-steel kettle that came out last year, this Breville can boil enough water for up to five cups of tea.

7. Prestige Eco 55845, £32

This Prestige kettle has intrigued Which? members with its promises to save you time and energy by boiling water quickly and efficiently. It’s also available in red (56309).

Bosch Styline TWK86103GB

Bosch Styline TWK86103GB

8. Bosch Styline TWK86103GB, £54

Another distinctive-looking kettle from Bosch, the TWK86103GB is the newest kettle on the list, as it’s only been available since July. It’s also available in red (TWK86104GB).

How does this kettle compare to our Best Buys when it comes to boiling speed and noise? Read our full review of the Bosch Styline TWK86103GB to find out.

9. Philips HD4671, £23

Another older Philips kettle that continues to be a Which? member favourite.

Read more about why the Philips HD4671 remains popular in our full review.

10. Breville Opula VKJ567, £28

We only tested this kettle in April 2012, but it’s already proved popular with Which? members. This is the white version – it’s also available in red (VKJ565), purple (VKJ568) and blue (VKJ569).

Read our full review of the Breville Opula VKJ567.

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