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The best travel kettle revealed by Which?

Six popular travel kettles reviewed

Travel kettle

Many travel kettles come with a pair of cups

Looking for a small, compact kettle you can carry in your suitcase? We’ve reviewed six of the most popular travel kettles.

Going on holiday shouldn’t mean missing out on your daily tea fix, but you can’t always count on hotels and villas abroad providing a kettle. So we’ve tested six travel kettles that are small and light enough to take on your next holiday.

Check out our kettle reviews to find out which is the best travel kettle and which ones aren’t worth taking with you.

The best travel kettles

We uncovered three Best Buy travel kettles that are fast, quiet and easy to fill, open and pour. One even has a limescale filter – something most travel kettles are lacking – which does a great job of preventing bits of scale from getting into your cup of tea. 

We test travel kettles in the same way we examine full-size kettles, looking at how quickly they boil, how much noise they make and how easy they are to use. As they’re much smaller than regular kettles, travel kettles are less powerful and therefore boil water more slowly, so we’ve set different benchmarks for travel kettles. 

While travel kettles are cheap, even the best one won’t be good enough to permanently replace your normal everyday kettle.

The six travel kettles we’ve reviewed are:

  • Argos Cookworks Y-600 Travel Kettle – £14
  • Boots Travel Kettle – £20
  • Lakeland 13661 Travel Kettle – £25
  • Lloytron E886 Travel Kettle – £17
  • Russell Hobbs 14178 Travel Kettle – £20
  • Swan SK19010N Travel Kettle – £14

New kettles reviewed

We’ve also tested and reviewed four new full-size kettles, to add to the 200+ kettle reviews already on Which.co.uk.

These included a £199 model from high-end Italian kitchen appliance manufacturer Bugatti – not to be confused with the car company of the same name – which comes with digital temperature controls on the handle. The four new kettles we’ve reviewed are:

  • Bugatti Vera BU-14-VERA – £199
  • Hotpoint WK30MDX0UK – £34
  • Morphy Richards Aspect – £80
  • Tefal Prelude KI250D40 – £35

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