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Lack of high chairs in British restaurants

Babies short of somewhere to sit when dining out

highchair in restaurant

Finding a spare high chair in a restaurant this summer could be a hassle

Thinking of eating out in public with your child this summer? You might be waiting a while for a high chair, particularly if it’s a restaurant that’s popular with families.

Research of restaurants in popular summer holiday hotspots in the UK, including the Lake District, Cornwall and Edinburgh, found that out of 93 restaurants, 17 offered no high chairs for public use at all and 26 offered only one. 

Just 40 had more than one high chair for use. 34 offered two high chairs, but only six out of the 93 had more than three high chairs. 

The research was carried out by Totseat, the portable high chair company. 

Find out which seats scored top in our tests in our high chair reviews

Bring your own high chair

Portable or travel high chairs are a good accessory for holidays or even if you’re off for a day-out to child-free friends or relatives. They needn’t add loads of excess baggage as they’re lightweight and easy to transport.

On the downside, they’re not as sturdy as a standard high chair.

There are a couple of different types you can choose from:

Totseat high chair

The Totseat is a fabric, harness-type high chair

Portable high chair harnesses

These are made from fabric and attached around a dining chair using the straps supplied. They generally fold up small enough to pop into your changing bag, but you might find your baby doesn’t like using them. Your baby is not going to be level with you all at the table, which might get frustrating for him/her. You can buy these from around a tenner.

Box-shaped high chair booster seats

These raise your child up a little more and, as the name suggests, are a box that folds out to create a little little booster seat which straps to a chair. Some even come with trays. They cost between around £20 to £30. 

High chair reviews

We’ve got reviews of fabric portable high chairs and the high chair booster seats. Follow the links below to find out which our tests have revealed are good buys.

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BenBat YummiGo Feed & Go Booster high chair

BenBat YummiGo Feed & Go Booster high chair

Best high chairs

Whether you’re on a budget or want to spend up to £500, we have Best Buy high chairs that have passed our independent, rigorous safety checking, been scrutinised by our lab experts and impressed our parent testers and their babies and toddlers by being easy to use.

Our reviews answer commons high chair concerns parents have, such as:

  • How safe is the high chair?
  • Is it sturdy and stable?
  • Can I get my baby in and out easily?
  • It is a pain to clean?

Go straight to our high chairs Best Buys to discover our foodie favourites. 

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