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First look at new iCandy Peach 2018

First look at new iCandy Peach 2018

The new iCandy Peach travel system has been unveiled and we’ve been given a sneak peek.

It’s the fifth-generation iCandy Peach, and whether you’ve owned a Peach in the past, bought the Peach Blossom for your twins, or simply salivated over iCandy’s sleek good looks and pulse-quickening price, this latest Peach 2018 is packed with new features designed not to disappoint.

Unfortunately, for the moment, you’re going to have to take our word for it, as the only images iCandy has released are teaser images of the chassis (we weren’t allowed to snap any shots). But below we’ve outlined some of the new updates that caught our eyes.

Compare and contrast with our iCandy Peach review.

iCandy Peach 2018 – how it compares

  • 10kg shopping basket

No, we haven’t added an extra zero to that weight limit. As well as being for the ladies (or mummies) who lunch, the new iCandy Peach is also designed for those who love to shop. With the current Peach offering just 5kg, double the packing power sounds like a great addition. When we can get our hands on one of these pushchairs (currently it’s just a look-but-don’t-touch from iCandy) we’ll measure the shopping basket size and access to see whether it really is going to make shopping with your baby way more simple. And there’s more. iCandy has added a satchel-style bag to the basket, that you can remove and take to the shops with you.

  • Longer seat

We’ve criticised iCandy in the past when we’ve been testing its pushchairs, because we’ve found the seats aren’t long enough to last as children get older. We use ergonomists to measure all the seats of pushchairs we test to see whether they’re big enough to meet the age limit that pushchair manufacturers are stating. iCandy says the new Peach 2018 will hold children of up to 25kg (that’s about six or seven years old). We’ll be getting it into the Which? test labs very soon to assess whether that’s true.

  • No need to buy a separate carrycot

Parents will no longer be required to purchase a separate carrycot. The fabrics used for the carrycot and seat unit now share the same frame. This means that once your baby grows out of the carrycot, the fabrics can be stripped away from the carrycot frame using an innovative ‘zip in, zip out’ design, transforming the carrycot into the seat unit.

The carrycot has also been made larger, and the new iCandy Peach will be able to support two large carrycots on the one chassis when being used in double mode.

  • One-handed recline

This is great news. Previously, iCandy Peach pushchairs used to have two buttons to recline the seat (these were positioned on the side of the seat unit) and it was really difficult to do. Now, there’s a brand new one-hand recline, with four positions. The downside is that the new iCandy Peach 2018 can’t be folded with the seat unit attached. This is a shame, when so many other modern pushchairs can be folded in ingenious ways without removing the seat.

  • Self-catching clip

Also known as autolock, it means that the new iCandy Peach 2018 will automatically lock closed as it’s folded. We’ve highlighted the lack of an autolock as a con on the previous Peach, so it will be interesting to see whether this new addition makes folding the pushchair easier.

We’ll be getting this new iCandy Peach 2018 in very soon to find out whether these new features make it a Best Buy pushchair. But if you’re after an iCandy in the meantime, you can compare all our iCandy reviews to see which came top in our tests.

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