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Dyson Black Friday deals: are they any good?

We examine Dyson's new launches for Black Friday, and explain how to get a good deal

Dyson has launched two new cordless vacuum cleaners for Black Friday – the Dyson V7 Motorhead Pro and the Dyson V8 Absolute Pro. But should you opt for these new versions over existing Dyson models? 

With 13 different cordless vacuum cleaners in the Dyson Black Friday line-up, deciding which deal represents the best value could be a real headache. Especially because, as it turns out, the only difference between the two new Black Friday models and existing ones is the colour.

Don’t be fooled by the ‘Pro’ on the end, as the only exclusive thing about these models is a different- coloured cleaning wand. Both are black, instead of the usual pink or orange options, lest you forget you purchased your vacuum cleaner during the biggest sales event of the year.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t worth buying, though. Below, we unpick these and other Dyson vacuum deals to help you make sense of the various models available, and find the best price.

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Dyson V8 Absolute Pro, Black Friday price: £330


This model is identical in every way to the Dyson V8 Absolute, except that it has a black wand, rather than an orange one. It has the same combination floorhead, ‘Fluffy’ hard-floor tool, mini motorised tool for sucking up pet hair from stairs and upholstery, and a claimed 40-minute run time.

Is it a good deal?

Compared with the V8 Absolute, yes – just about. The lowest price we have seen the V8 Absolute at over the past few months is £360, so the promotion price represents a £30 saving on the best deal to date we have seen, and a £70 saving on the price that this model is most commonly sold at. It’s nothing like the claimed £190 saving on Dyson’s website, but it’s a good time to buy nonetheless.

Is it an absolute pro when it comes to cleaning, though? Read the full Dyson V8 Absolute review to find out how it lives up to its battery lifetime claim, and whether it cleans better than cheaper alternatives.

Dyson V7 Motorhead Pro, Black Friday price: £250

This ‘Black Friday exclusive’ has actually been on sale since the end of September, according to the Currys/PC World website, albeit at a much higher price. Once again, the only difference between this model and the existing V7 Motorhead is the colour of the wand, which is black rather than pink. Both models come with a combination floorhead suitable for carpets and hard floors, and a claimed 30-minute maximum run time. Read our review of the Dyson V7 Motorhead to find out whether it’s your best bet for dust-free floors.

Is it a good deal?

Relatively. It’s the lowest price we have seen for the V7 Motorhead over the past few months, but if you don’t decide to buy on Black Friday, the chances are that this model will return to this price at some point in the near future. It’s also the same price as the standard V7 Motorhead, so there is no saving from picking between the colours. It just comes down to whether black or hot pink is your preferred look.

Choosing the best cordless Dyson

Prices for cordless Dyson vacuums range from around £180 for the entry-level Dyson V6, up to nearly £400 for the V8 Absolute.

The more you pay, the more accessories and features you get. But do you also get a better clean, or would a cheaper model do? To compare the full range side-by-side, and to find out which models are best, head to our Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner reviews.

How do Dyson’s other Black Friday deals stack up?

We’ve taken a look at Dyson’s other big Black Friday offers and in the table below we reveal whether or not they are a good deal, based on the lowest and typical prices we have seen over the past few months.

Model Lowest price Typical price Black Friday promotion price Deal or no deal?
Dyson V6 Trigger (handheld) £129 £140 £99 Deal
Dyson V6 Animal (cordless) £180 £219 £189 Deal*
Dyson V6 Absolute (cordless) £215 £250 £250 No deal
Dyson V8 Total Clean (cordless) £399 £399 £350 Deal
Dyson Light Ball Animal (corded) £199 £369 £220 No deal
Dyson DC75 Cinetic Big Ball Animal (corded) £258 £300 £300 No deal

*While not the lowest possible price for this model, it’s still pretty much the best price you’ll get.

Beware cheap cordless vacuum deals

Cordless vacuum cleaners seem to be top of many a wishlist this year, and they could be a godsend if you’ve got lots of visitors over Christmas and want to keep your hallways looking tidy – or if you can’t bear the constant crunch underfoot of dropped pine needles from the Christmas tree.

Do your research before you buy, though. Nearly a third of the cordless vacuum cleaners we’ve tested have been so poor at cleaning that we’ve named them Don’t Buys to avoid. Retailers may well see the sales as a good opportunity to get rid of dodgy models, so make sure you check our list of Don’t Buy cordless vacuum cleaners before braving the crowds.

For a quick list of top options, head to our top five cordless vacuums for 2017.

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