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Philips Avent confirms complaints of inaccurate Smart Ear Thermometer readings

If you own a Philips Avent Smart Ear Thermometer, find out what you can do

Philips Avent confirms complaints of inaccurate Smart Ear Thermometer readings

Philips Avent has issued an official statement and safety notice following a number of complaints about possible inaccurate measurements by its Smart Ear Thermometer.

An inaccurate temperature reading means that a normal reading could show when someone actually has a fever. This could potentially lead to delayed or improper treatment of a medical condition. This is particularly serious for newborns (0-3 months), small children (4-36 months), and those that are unable to communicate or take care of themselves, according to Philips Avent.

Philips Avent has stated that it is taking the issue seriously, and that it is undertaking thorough investigation and analysis. We’ll keep an eye out for any developments.

But if you own a Philips Avent Smart Ear Thermometer, what can you do in the meantime? Scroll down for the official advice, and to find out what our expert testers thought of the product when we took a look at it last year.

What can you do if you have a Philips Avent Smart Thermometer?

For current users of the Avent Smart Thermometer, Philips has suggested the following actions:

  • Make sure you use the Avent Smart Thermometer only as directed in the instructions for use, including the additional advice as per the Field Safety Notice (see link below).
  • Do not rely on the ear thermometer as sole basis for a decision for seeking treatment and/or professional help.
  • If you wish to return the Avent Smart Thermometer based on this information, users can contact their local Philips product support representative on 0207 949 0240 or via Philips.com/support.

To find out more about this issue, click through to the full Field Safety Notice.

Philips Avent Smart Thermometer

The Philips Avent Smart thermometer is a digital ear thermometer that costs £45. It can be connected to the uGrow app on your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth, letting you store temperature readings on your mobile.

The thermometer itself has an LCD screen for viewing current and past readings, and a backlight to help you take a temperature in a darkened room while your baby is sleeping.

An in-ear thermometer uses infrared to measure the heat generated inside an ear, and there can be accuracy problems if it’s not correctly placed in the ear – or due to a build-up of earwax.

Is an in-ear thermometer the best choice for you? Find out by checking out our top shopping tips on how to buy the best digital thermometer.

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