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Which? repeats warning to parents over smothering risk cot mattress

Find out why we're calling for this mattress to be taken off sale and recalled right now

Which? repeats warning to parents over smothering risk cot mattress

Two months ago we warned parents against buying and using the Stokke Home Bed cot mattress. We called for it to be taken off sale and recalled after it failed one of our tests which we believe makes this mattress a smothering risk – especially for babies younger than six months.

Two months later, it’s still on sale.

We’ve carried out additional testing and discovered more that parents need to know.

Why is the Stokke Home Bed mattress a smothering risk?

Our original testing examined this mattress in three places to assess whether it’s firm enough to stop a baby who ends up face down on it from being smothered. This is a test that all cot mattresses we review go through.

Two samples of the Stokke Home Bed Cot Mattress were tested, and both failed.

The failure indicates there’s potential for a baby to suffocate if he or she rolls from back to front. A newborn baby is unable to turn over by themselves, but from the age of 4-12 weeks a baby will begin to roll over in one direction, which increases the risk of smothering if they are unable to right themselves.

Read our Stokke Home Bed Mattress review for more detail on what our tests uncovered. Or watch our video below to show what can happen if a cot mattress isn’t firm enough.

In response to our findings, Stokke told us that the mattress met mandatory safety requirements in the UK and that it had never received reports of any injuries related to this mattress.

Stokke also told us that tests it had carried out following our findings showed there’s ‘a low potential hazard of suffocation’ with this mattress, and the properties of the mattress are such that even a small baby sleeping face down will be able to breathe through the material.

We made this cot mattress a Don’t Buy, published a safety alert for parents and alerted the government’s Office for Product Safety and Standards.

‘Highly unlikely a baby could breathe through it’

We’ve since carried out further testing, which revealed alarming results that parents who are using this cot mattress in conjunction with the Stokke Home Bed Protection Sheet need to read.

We decided to test Stokke’s claims that a small baby ending up face down on this mattress could breathe through the material. We tested the Stokke Home Bed Mattress and then repeated the test with the Stokke Home Bed Protection Sheet on top.

Our breathability testing on the mattress alone was inconclusive, but we found that it’s highly unlikely that a baby could breathe through the mattress protector on top of the mattress.

Many parents use a mattress protector because it’s a lot easier to put a waterproof cover in the wash than have a mattress cleaned.

The Stokke Home Bed Mattress is an unusual size, so you wouldn’t be able to pick up any off-the-shelf mattress protector to use with it.

How is this Stokke cot mattress still on sale?

This Stokke Home Bed Mattress is perfectly legal to sell. It has passed the safety standards that were in force when it first went on sale in 2015, but in September 2017 a new firmness clause was introduced.

This mattress does not meet the new criteria, but manufacturers are allowed a grace period to sell off stock that was produced under the old standard. However, as this is a key safety concern we believe it should be recalled from sale immediately to prevent parents buying it.

Stokke does not agree that a recall is warranted in the UK, but it has said that customers can contact its customer service department for a refund of the mattress if they are dissatisfied with it.

Stokke also told us that it has upgraded the mattress to meet the firmness clause and has started shipping them to the UK to replace those currently being sold. Once the upgraded Home Bed Mattress is available, Stokke says that all customers are welcome to a free exchange by contacting their retailer or by getting in touch with Stokke directly.

Which? campaign to End Dangerous Products

We don’t think that this goes far enough. We want this mattress to come off sale and for a full recall to be carried out.

We’ll be keeping this mattress as a Don’t Buy until we can be sure that it is no longer on sale.

Dangerous products in Britain’s homes are putting millions of people at risk. The UK’s product safety regime needs urgent reform to protect our families. Sign our petition to join us in taking a stand against unsafe products.

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