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Best Shark vacuum cleaner deals for 2020

We reveal the deals that offer real savings, and top tips for ensuring you get the best price

Best Shark vacuum cleaner deals for 2020

Last updated: 04 March 2020

Got your eye on a Shark vacuum cleaner? It’s worth knowing the prices can really jump around. Use our research to avoid paying over the odds.

Shark has churned out an impressive number of vacuum cleaners since it launched in the UK a few years ago with an eye on Dyson’s throne. But that can make choosing the right one – and getting the best price – a tricky business.

We’ve found that older models can sometimes cost more than newer ones, and entry-level models can be on sale for a higher price than the pet version, despite having fewer accessories.

To help you avoid getting caught out, we reveal how to make sense of the different models available, and get the best price.

Plus, we’ve scoured the shops for the best deals – scroll down for our pick of deals that offer genuine savings on the typical price.

Use our Shark corded vacuum cleaner reviews and Shark cordless vacuum cleaner reviews to find out if the latest models are also the best

Best Shark Vacuum deals for 2020

There were some good deals on Shark vacuums over Black Friday 2019, but prices for most have jumped back up again now.

It’s worth holding out for another price drop, as they are likely to come down again at some point in the spring.

Best Shark deals right now

  • Shark AZ910UKT Anti Hair Wrap Pet – still £249 at Currys and Shark.co.uk. One of Shark’s newest upright models. It was £199 over Black Friday, so you may want to hold out for another price drop. But at this price it’s still pretty good value if you don’t want to wait.

Spotted another Shark vacuum you’re interested in? Scroll down to see our pricing tables and check if it’s a good deal or not.

Are Shark vacuums any good?

Shark sells an extensive range of upright vacuum cleaners. It’s two key ranges are:

  • Shark Lift-Away upright vacuums Like a traditional upright vacuum, but you can lift the dust canister off the base and hold it, making jobs such as cleaning the stairs easier. Most are plug-in models, but some are cordless.
  • Shark stick vacuum cleaners Slim and lightweight vacuums with the motor either in the floor head or a handheld unit. Can be corded or cordless.

Which is right for you depends on the size of your home, your budget and what kind of surfaces you need to clean. Corded models are generally cheaper – around £250 or less.

We’ve tested most of the Shark range and uncovered some brilliant vacuums, although others weren’t so impressive.

You can compare the full range and find the best with our independent Shark vacuum cleaner reviews and Shark cordless vacuum reviews.

Shark vacuums: how to get the best price

The table below shows the lowest, typical and highest price of each model in the Shark cordless range, based on historical pricing data from the last 12 months.

Scroll down to see the same for corded models.

Shark cordless vacuum pricing guide

Model Lowest price Typical  price Highest price
Shark Flexology Anti-Allergen Pet IF130UKTH £199 £269 £399
Shark Flexology Anti-Allergen Pet Twin Battery  IF260UKTH £299 £375 £479
Shark Liftaway Cordless IC160UK £259 £349 £500
Shark Liftaway Cordless Pet IC160UKT £279 £379 £479
Shark Flexology IF200UK £150 £249 £349
Shark Flexology Pet IF200UKT £199  £279  £379
Shark Flexology Twin Battery IF250UK £245 £339 £479
Shark Flexology Pet Twin Battery IF250UKT £251  £379  £479

Making sense of the range

All Shark cordless vacuums come with DuoClean technology – that’s code for the dual-brush floor head. Beyond that they fall into two main camps:

  • Flexology Models starting with ‘IF’. These are cordless stick vacuums with a flexible hinge built in.
  • Cordless Upright Models starting with ‘IC’. This range has a liftaway unit and flexible hose, looking more like a traditional upright vacuum.

Variations include a pet version which includes a mini turbo tool (model code includes ‘T’), a version with two batteries (Flexology only), and a version with extra filtration for allergy sufferers (model code ends with ‘H’).

We’ve found a spare battery is most likely to push the cost up significantly, so think about whether you really need that extra cleaning time.

Shark cordless vacuums compared

Here’s a quick guide to the key models in the Shark cordless range and the best price to look out for:

  • Shark DuoClean Flexology TruePet Anti-Allergen IF130UKTH – £270 or less

The newest Flexology model. Like previous versions, it has a flexible joint to help you reach under low furniture, and this can fold to take up less room in the cupboard. Shark says it also has a sealed system, to prevent allergens leaking back into the room. The IF260UKTH is exactly the same, but has an extra battery for extended cleaning time.

The Shark DuoClean IC160UK is very similar in design to an upright corded vacuum, but without the pesky cord. It’s worth checking the pet version IC160UKT before you buy as it can sometimes be the same price – or cheaper – than the basic model. Even if you don’t have pets, the mini turbo could come in handy for carpeted stairs and upholstery.

This range is a few years old now but it still has a flexible cleaning wand, and a dual brush-bar floor head with added LEDs to light the way when you clean.

There are three other models in the range worth comparing prices with before you buy to get the best deal. All are identical apart from the accessories they include:

  • IF200UKT – additional mini turbo tool
  • IF250UK – spare battery
  • IF250UKT – spare battery and mini turbo tool

Prices in this range spike and fall very regularly. Waiting for the vacuum to be ‘on sale’ can save you as much as half on its recommended retail price.

Corded Shark vacuum cleaners: how to get the best price

If it’s a corded Shark vacuum cleaner you’re after, here’s our guide to typical prices for the key models:

Model Lowest price Typical  price Highest price
Shark Anti Hair Wrap AZ910UKT £199 £249 £369
Shark Anti Hair Wrap AZ950UK £219 £249 £379
Shark Anti Hair Wrap Pet  AZ950UKT £249 £269 £399
Shark DuoClean Stick Flex Pet HV390UKT £154 £200 £270
Shark DuoClean LIft-Away XL AX950UK £224 £249 £379
Shark DuoClean LIft-Away XL Pet AX950UKT £239 £279 £379
Shark DuoClean Lift-Away Plus AX910UK £189 £229 £329
Shark DuoClean Lift-Away Plus Pet AX910UKT £199 £249 £349
Shark Lift-Away NV601UK £139  £169  £249
Shark Lift-Away True Pet NV601UKT £159 £189 £269
Shark DuoClean Liftaway NV700UK £149 £199 £279
Shark DuoClean Lift-Away Pet NV700UKT £179  £299  £299
Shark Powered Lift-Away NV681UK £169  £199  £279
Shark Powered Lift-Away Pet NV681UKT £159  £199  £329
Shark DuoClean Powered LIft-Away NV801UK £149  £229  £349
Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Pet NV801UKT £199  £249  £369
Shark DuoClean Anti Hair Wrap NZ801UKT £199 £280 £399
Shark DuoClean Anti Hair Wrap NZ801UK £229 £250 £329

Making sense of the different Lift-Away models

Shark is one of the most prolific upright vacuum manufacturers around, but that means there are many models to choose between. Similar rules to the cordless range apply – eg a ‘T’ on the end of the model code means you get a mini turbo pet tool thrown in. Here’s a quick overview of the key differences:

  • DuoClean floor head Some models have the dual brush bar floor head, while others have an older version
  • Powered Lift-Away This means you can use the direct-drive turbo floor tool even in Lift-Away mode – for example when cleaning stairs
  • Plus These models have a larger floor head so you can cover floors more quickly
  • XL Larger dust capacity and larger floor head for bigger homes

Shark corded vacuums compared

Here’s a quick guide to some key models in the upright range and the best prices to look for:

  • Shark DuoClean Powered LIft-Away XL AX950UK – £250 or less

This bagless upright has a larger floor head than older models, and a larger dust capacity, so it’s one for larger households.

Keep an eye out for the pet version, the AX950UKT, which you can often buy for a similar price.

Also available in a pet version, which has an additional turbo tool, the NV601UK is one of the cheapest Shark vacuum cleaners you can buy. It doesn’t have some of the newer, jazzier features, such as the DuoClean floor head, but does that hold it back? Check our full Shark NV601UK review to find out.

This Shark vacuum cleaner has a recommended retail price of almost twice what it’s regularly on sale for. It’s worth checking the price of Pet version (ending UKT) as it can be cheaper and comes with an additional mini pet turbo tool.

Shark vs Dyson vacuum cleaners

Shark vacuums have some premium features which aim to compete with Dyson and catch your eye. Many of its vacuum cleaners have dual brush bars – containing one soft roller brush and one bristle brush – designed to capture both fine dust and larger debris. This is a similar idea to Dyson’s soft roller floor head, designed to lift dust and dirt from hard floors.

One feature you’ll find on Shark vacuums that you won’t get on a Dyson is LED headlights – handy for highlighting stray dirt lurking under furniture and in corners. Most also come with an impressive five-year warranty – even the cordless models, which typically have shorter warranties elsewhere (Dyson cordless vacuums come with a two-year warranty).

See more in our round up of Shark vs Dyson and other vacuum cleaner brands.

See our Best Buy vacuum cleaners and Best Buy cordless vacuum cleaners guides to see which brands top our lists of recommended models, based on our independent lab tests

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  • Black Friday deals section first published 25 November 2019 but updated regularly to include new deals.

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We ignore the savings quoted by retailers, which are sometimes based on an inflated ‘before’ price, and instead compare savings to the typical selling price of a product, based on pricing research and our market knowledge.

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