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3 Jun 2021

Gardening jobs to do in June

From planting veg to caring for your roses, there's lots to do in the garden

Long summer nights in the garden make June special and the plants love the extra light too, putting on plenty of growth. There's plenty to do this month to get everything in shape for a perfect summer outside.

Watering, weeding and planting are the priorities this month so give yourself plenty of time outdoors to stay on top of it all.

1. Watering

In dry spells, make sure you thoroughly water anything that's been planted in the past couple of months as it will still be growing roots into the surrounding soil. A good drench is better than a regular light sprinkling. Patio pots and hanging baskets will need watering at least once a day, more in hot weather.

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2. Get your patio ready for summer

Get your patio ready for summer

If you haven't done so already, move patio pots and baskets outdoors. Most plants enjoy a sunny position, although begonia, impatiens and fuchsias don't mind some shade. Water them once a day or more often during hot weather.

There's still time to plant pots and baskets. Use aBest Buy compost for containersand mix in someBest Buy controlled-release feed.

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3. Hoe weeds on dry days

Kill weeds by cutting through them with a hoe, but wait for a dry day to do it so that they dry out and die quickly. It's worth doing even on soil that seems to be weed free as it will help to disturb any tiny weed seedlings.

For tough perennial weeds, such as dandelions, couch grass and ground elder, you'll need to dig them up root and all or they'll regrow from any roots left in the ground.

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Courgette plant

4. Plant tender veg

Tender veg, such asrunner beans,sweetcornandcourgettes, can be planted outdoors now that the danger of frost has passed. Keep them well watered during dry spells as they put down new roots into the ground.

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Deadheading roses

5. Care for roses

Roses are at their peak during June. Some varieties have one main flush, but others will keep going through summer.

  • Keep your plants looking tidy and encourage more blooms by removing flowers as soon as they die.
  • Give your plants a boost by gently hoeing rose food into the ground around them.
  • Keep an eye out for pests and diseases, and deal with them before they have a chance to spread.

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