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28 May 2019

Smothering-risk cot mattress is a Which? Don't Buy

The Baby Dunlopillo cot bed mattress failed several key safety tests

We're urging parents not to buy the Baby Dunlopillo Safer Sleep Cot Bed Mattress as our testing of this mattress revealed serious safety concerns.

We believe this cot mattress poses a potential risk of suffocation and injury, especially for babies under six months old.

We've made this cot bed mattress a Don't Buy and we've been in touch with the manufacturer about what we've found.

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Why this mattress is a safety concern

Our testing identified issues with the firmness of the top layers of the Baby Dunlopillo Safer Sleep Cot Bed Mattress.

One of our key cot mattress tests, which is part of the latest British Safety Standard BS EN 16890:2017, investigates whether a mattress is firm enough to prevent babies from being smothered if they roll onto their face while sleeping.

The Dunlopillo mattress failed the test both when new and after our durability tests which simulate a few years of daily use.

This cot mattress does not claim to adhere to the voluntary standard.

Baby Dunlopillo told us the mattress complies with all applicable mandatory safety standards, that it takes safety in its products very seriously and that it has removed the product from sale while it carries out its own internal investigations.

We are concerned because although a newborn baby is unable to turn over by themselves, from the age of 4-12 weeks a baby will begin to roll over in one direction, which increases the risk of smothering if they are unable to right themselves.

Video: Cot mattress safety need-to-know

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Cover failed our shrinkage test

In addition, we're concerned that the Baby Dunlopillo Safer Sleep Cot Bed Mattress failed our cover shrinkage test that's also part of BS EN 16890:2017.

This involves removing the cover of the mattress and washing it twice according to the manufacturer's washing instructions.

We then refit it to the mattress and check whether the dimensions of the mattress have changed at all.

It's vital that a cot mattress fits the cot with minimal gaps to avoid the risk of your little one getting injured by trapping a limb.

The cover of this cot mattress shrunk significantly after washing, reducing the mattress in length by 5cm, which indicates the compressed mattress may pose an injury risk.

More cot mattress issues

This isn't the first time we've discovered a cot mattress with safety issues.

In April 2018 we highlighted issues with the Stokke Home Bed Cot Mattress after it also failed the smothering test.

At the time Stokke told us: 'The safety and wellbeing of the babies and children using our products is our number one priority and we take your concerns very seriously.

'We can confirm that Stokke never received any report of any injuries related to this mattress or its' firmness on any of our crib designs.'

We've also found three other Don't Buy cot mattresses that suffer from cover shrinkage.

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