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House prices: average flat value jumps £75,000 in five years

The average flat price has increased by £75,000 since 2013. Which? takes a look at what this means for first-time buyers hoping to get a property.

TSB customers targeted by scams – how to keep safe

Action Fraud is warning of a sharp rise in scam text and emails preying on TSB customers. Here's what to watch out for and how to keep safe.

New 95% mortgages for first-time buyers launched: how do they compare?

Which? assesses a new 95% mortgage deal from the digital lender Atom Bank, looking at how it compares to the best first-time buyer deals.

Property vs pension: which is the better investment?

Some people say their property is their pension - but is this savvy or reckless? We examine the pros and cons of investing in property vs pension.

How will the inflation drop affect your savings?

It was announced this morning that the April 2018 annual rate of UK CPI inflation fell to 2.4%. This is down from 2.5% in March. The CPI inflation rate is...

Exclusive: banks’ rip-off overdraft fees still worse than a payday loan

New Which? research reveals that the most expensive overdraft fees cost an incredible seven times as much as a payday loan. Find out how to avoid them.

Free life insurance for parents – is it worth getting?

Post Office Money is offering free life insurance to parents with kids aged four or under worth up to £120,000. Which? takes a closer look.

Could this new mortgage for older borrowers help those trapped in interest-only deals?

Aldermore has launched a new mortgage that could help older homeowners trapped on interest-only deals they can't repay. We explain how it works.

HMRC appeals £15m Hargreaves Lansdown tax victory

HMRC is appealing a recent decision to award a £15m tax rebate to 150,000 Hargreaves Lansdown investors. Find out how they will be affected.

Savings apps that round up your change: how much can you earn?

Several apps and challenger banks now offer to 'round up' your spending and put the extra into a savings account. We evaluate this approach to savings.

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