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Updated: 7 Mar 2022

Best kitchen fitters: which brand provides the best kitchen installation?

Discover the top brands for quality kitchen installations, including customer ratings for B&Q, Ikea, John Lewis, Magnet, Wickes and Wren.
Sarah Ingrams
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How your fitted kitchen is installed is just as important as the kitchen itself. If it takes ages to be fitted or the work is shoddy, you certainly won't feel as though you've got what you paid for.

That's why we've surveyed more than a thousand customers about their kitchen installation. We asked customers to rate everything from the speed and quality of installation, to the amount of mess left behind, to the communication with their installer.

As well as rating kitchen installation services, we also ask customers to tell us what they think of the kitchens themselves and rate each kitchen brand based on owner feedback. See the best and worst kitchen brands

Customer ratings for kitchen installation services

Our research found big differences between the best and worst firms for kitchen installation; customer scores ranged between 81% and 54%. 

Log in or join Which to find out which kitchen companies were rated highest and lowest for installation.

Kitchen installerCustomer scoreArrangingSpeedInstallation quality and finishMessKeeping to arranged timesCommunicationResolving problems

John Lewis

Wren Kitchens

Should I use a kitchen retailer's installation service?

Two kitchen fitters installing a kitchen

Many kitchen companies offer a kitchen installation service and sometimes – but not always – it's included in the cost. 

Using the installation service of the brand you buy your kitchen from can mean you'll have a single point of contact, rather than coordinating delivery times between your chosen kitchen company and a separate installer. 

Consider also what other customers think of the company's installation service. Plus, if cost is an important factor and installation isn't included in the price, compare how much using an independent fitter will cost.

A few companies don't offer installation at all; if this is the case, you'll need to find a fitter separately.  

Use Which? Trusted Traders to find a reliable, independent kitchen fitter near you.

How people we surveyed had their kitchen installed

Here's how those that responded to our survey told us they had their kitchen installed:

  • 36% used the company they bought it from.
  • 19% found their own installer.
  • 13% used an installer recommended by the company they bought it from.
  • 6% installed it themselves.
  • 6% had a family member or friend install it.

Others had their kitchens fitted by builders as part of a bigger renovation, or by joiners and carpenters.

Read our advice on how to get a kitchen installed.

The six most common kitchen installation problems

Some 37% had a problems with the installation of their kitchen. The most common were:

  1. Installation took longer than planned (15%) 
  2. Extra costs incurred during installation due to extra work (7%)
  3. Problems with the fitter (7%)
  4. Installation was delayed (6%)
  5. Units didn't fit as well as they should (5%)
  6. Fitter did a bad job of fitting the units (5%)

Based on an online survey in March 2021 of 1,404 Which? members who bought a fitted kitchen in the last 10 years and used the company's kitchen installation service.

Log in to see the likelihood of having problems by brand. If you're not yet a member, join Which? to see these findings and all of our kitchen ratings.

How long does it take to fit a kitchen?

Kitchen owners in our survey waited an average of 3.9 weeks from when the company started work on their kitchen to when it was fully installed.

Understandably, getting a kitchen fitted has taken longer on average since March 2020. 

  • 4.7 weeks on average for those who had a new kitchen fitted since March 2020.
  • 3.3 weeks on average for those whose kitchens were fitted in years beforehand.

Exactly how long it will take depends on the size and complexity of the job, whether there's additional work besides fitting the kitchen units, any delays or unexpected changes, among other factors. Ask your kitchen installer for an estimate of how long they expect it to take.

Installing your own kitchen

Man fitting an oven, seen from above

If you’re planning to install your own kitchen, knowing how easy – or difficult – others found it can help you plan.

Which? members can log in to find out which kitchen brands owners most commonly fit themselves, and how easy our lab experts found different kitchens to install.

Kitchen cabinet installation on test

As part of our lab assessments to uncover which brands' kitchens are built to last, we assemble (if they're flat-pack) and install each kitchen.

Specifically our lab experts rate:

  • clarity of instructions
  • ease of building the units and drawers
  • ease of fitting handles
  • ease of fixing units to the wall and to other units
  • security of fixing the unit to the wall and other units.

Of the 21 sets of kitchen units assessed from leading brands, seven stood out as the easiest to install. Which? members can log in to find out which ones they were. If you're not a member, join Which to see our results.

Ease of installation isn't factored into our overall analysis of the best and worst kitchen brands because there are so many variables that affect installation, including whether the units are flat-pack or pre-built and whether you use a professional to fit your kitchen. But it's still a factor worth considering, especially if you're planning to install a kitchen yourself. 

How Which? assesses kitchen installation services

Man fitting a wall cupboard in a kitchen

To find the best and worst kitchen brands for installation, in March 2021 we surveyed 3,848 Which? members who had bought kitchens in the past 10 years, including 1,404 who had used the company's kitchen fitting service.

We asked them to tell us about their experiences with installing the kitchen. The overall installation customer score is based on how satisfied customers were with the installation, and how likely they would be to recommend it to a friend.

We also assessed three units (a base unit, wall cupboard and a drawer unit) from each kitchen, including how easy they are to install.

Find out how we test kitchens.