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Which? tries Samsung’s ‘smart’ microwave oven

Can this microwave cook chips and prove dough?


The Samsung MC32F606TCT is a microwave oven and grill with a few extra tricks up its sleeves. Costing £300, it promises to serve up ‘healthier’ fried food, prove dough and make fresh yoghurt. So is it the ultimate all-in-one? We took it home to find out.

Smart phones and smart TVs are well-known household gadgets, but Samsung has just released what it calls a ‘smart microwave’. This microwave has sensors in to determine when your food is ready and it has fermentation and slim-fry programs.

The Samsung MC32F606TCT combination microwave is in our lab at the moment and we’ll have full test results by the end of November. But for now, we sent this microwave home with one of our researchers to see how well the additional features work and whether they are really useful.

The worst microwaves we’ve seen take ages to heat and leave food withered and unappealing. To make sure you get a microwave you can trust to do the cooking, head for our Best Buy microwave reviews. Not a member? You can get instant access to all our reviews on the site, including our first look review of this Samsung microwave oven, by signing up.

Cooking with the Samsung smart microwave

The Samsung MC32F606TCT microwave has ‘smart’ sensors. These work by reading the surface temperature of the food throughout the cooking process to decide when your food is done. They should eliminate the possibility of over- or under-cooked food.

Among its wealth of additional programs is a slim-fry feature that uses the grill and circulating warm air to cook fresh or frozen fried food. Samsung claims that what you cook should come out cooked through and crispy. The slim-fry feature needs only a teaspoon of oil for frying fresh food, but are the results good enough to give the popular Tefal Actifry a run for its money?

Our researcher challenged the Samsung to fry some potato wedges and compared them to other potato wedges cooked in the oven. He also used the microwave’s fermentation feature to prove some bread dough, as well as trying out some of the regular microwave programs.

You can find out what our researcher thought of the Samsung MC32F606TCT combination microwave, and which wedges came out on top, by reading our Samsung smart microwave first look review.

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