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Which? uncovers travel insurance that may be worthless

Limits on some products make claiming difficult

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Which? Money has discovered travel insurance products with cover limits and excesses at exactly the same level – meaning that making a claim is completely pointless.

With some providers, cover limits – the amount you can claim – and excesses – the amount you have to pay towards a claim – were identical, making parts of the policy useless.

If your holiday cash goes missing, Diamond’s Economy travel insurance will pay out up to £200 but also has an excess of £200, effectively leaving you with no cover at all.

For lost or stolen luggage, MRL Insurance’s Economy product lets you claim up to £200 but will claw back £120 – leaving you with just £80 to replace your belongings.

Meanwhile, if the worst happens and you have to cancel your trip, Cheaper Travel Insurance’s Bronze policy has a limit of £500 and an excess of £250.

Before jetting off on your dream break always check the details of your travel cover carefully. Talk to your insurer if you are unsure about excesses – some will waive them for an additional fee.

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Getting the right cover – our top tips for buying travel insurance

Don’t leave it to the last minute

Travel insurance lets you recoup the cost of the holiday if you have to cancel with good reason before you go. That means it is important to buy your insurance as soon as you book your trip.

Leaving insurance to the last minute means you’re not making the most of cancellation cover and you could be out of pocket if you don’t end up going.

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Declare your medical conditions

Medical cover is especially important for those that have pre-existing conditions. Insurers will ask you about your medical history so they can set your premiums and cover you correctly.

Any conditions your insurer does not know about will not be covered and you could end up facing a massive medical bill if you fall ill abroad.

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Ask a broker for help

If you’re still struggling to find cover – maybe because of your age or your health – contact the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) for advice.

BIBA will put you in touch with a broker in your area who could help you find the insurance product you need.

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