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Are the Dyson Hot and Cool fan heaters worth the price?

We review the Dyson Hot and Cool AM09 and AM05 fan heaters

From the sounds of Dyson’s marketing claims, you would think that the Dyson Hot and Cool AM05 and AM09 are the end-all of electric heaters. They heat, they cool and, according to Dyson, are ‘unrivalled’. But are these claims true and should you buy one?

The Dyson AM09 and AM05 bladeless technology is, admittedly, a very impressive engineering feat. You will have spotted the Dyson bladeless innovation in the Dyson hand dryers found in many public toilets.

The Dyson AM09 and AM05 fan heaters look like no other fan heater on the market. And if you have an eye for design and like to indulge in new innovations, then Dyson’s range of stylish products might have caught your attention.

Often, though, new technology falls short of expectations. Before cutting fan blades out of your life, you might want to check out how well these products work.

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Dyson Hot and Cool basics

Unlike your traditional fan heater, you won’t have to store the Dyson Hot and Cool AM09 and Dyson Hot and Cool AM05 fan heaters away during hotter months. This is because they are, as their name suggests, both fan heater and fan.

The thermostat on the Dyson Hot and Cool can be set at any temperature from 0-37°C in 1°C increments. Both the AM09 and AM05 have oscillating heads.

The sleek design, which resembles a paperclip, makes it easy for you to clean. They come with a remote control, which has a magnet that you can use to attach it to the body of the heater so you won’t run the risk of losing it.

The Dyson AM09 and AM05 lack external moving parts. For those of you that have safety concerns, this means no blades. But even more importantly, Dyson claims that the lack of blades means you get a more consistent air stream and therefore better heating and cooling.

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Dyson Hot and Cool cost how much?

It seems that engineering innovation costs a lot. The Dyson AM05 price currently hovers around £335. The Dyson AM09 will set you back £400.

Aside from some variations in colours and the £70 price difference between the AM09 and AM05 models, you might be wondering what other important changes Dyson has made to the AM09 to justify the higher price.

Dyson Hot and Cool AM09 vs Dyson AM05

The main technical difference between the AM09 and AM05 is that the Dyson AM09 has settings that can control the flow of air. The Jet Focus control allows you to decide between two modes- Focused mode and Diffused mode.

  • In Focus mode, you can point the air stream directly where you want the AM09 to heat or cool
  • In Diffuse mode, the air flow angle widens to provide more general heating or cooling to an entire room or area.

The Dyson AM09 also features a timer that you can set in one-hour increments. However, aside from these slight updates, the AM09 and AM05 look remarkably similar.

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