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Get a Best Buy kettle and toaster set for under £25

Cheap toaster and kettle outshine pricier rivals in Which? tests

Woman making toast in a cream toaster, with a matching kettle in the kitchen

You can now get a Best Buy kettle and toaster set for less than £25, after our latest toaster tests uncovered a new bargain Best Buy.

The toaster costs less than £15 and matches a similarly cheap Best Buy kettle from the same brand.

It makes great toast in a speedy two-and-a-half minutes. Most of each slice is evenly browned with no burnt patches, and just the merest hint of paleness across the very bottom. But it’s the deep, spacious slots that we really love. Unlike most toasters, this one had no trouble fitting tall slices of bread.

You can discover the identity of this budget Best Buy by going to our round-up of the best toasters for 2017.

Own-brand kettles and toasters

We always aim to test a selection of own-brand products, hoping to uncover great-value gems that will do the job well without breaking the bank. It can be hit and miss, but we’ve found a number of excellent products in the past year that have outshone big-brand rivals despite their budget prices.

Own-brand models can often look quite basic, but more attractive options are out there. The Asda George Home GST401-16 steel 4-slice toaster (£28) is available in eight different colours, and looks every bit as stylish as rivals that cost twice as much.

It also has features you’d usually find on premium toasters, such as the ability to check progress partway through toasting and a high-lift feature for retrieving crumpets.

To see how this Asda toaster, plus other own-brand models from Argos and Next, fared in our tests, check out our toaster reviews.

Two toasters to avoid in 2017

Our latest tests have also uncovered two models that are so poor we recommend you avoid them at all costs, unless you want to be lumbered with sub-standard toast in the mornings.

We found one own-brand toaster that veers erratically from one extreme to another. The first round of toast it serves up is patchy and too pale, whereas if you put a second one on straight afterwards, it will come out burnt.

Another, even worse, branded model scored just 35%. The toast it makes is uneven with significant underdone areas. The two pairs of slots pop up at different times,and the right-hand pair toasts the bread more than the left. We had to set the dials to 4 on the left and 3.5 on the right in an attempt to get the same colour on all four slices. Even then, the toast from the right-hand side had patches that were overdone.

Know the models to avoid with our list of Don’t Buy toasters.

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