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Top 10 fridge freezers for Black Friday 2019

Samsung American fridge freezers and stainless-steel options from Hisense and LG among the most popular models on our website before Black Friday

Top 10 fridge freezers for Black Friday 2019

On the lookout for a new fridge freezer this Black Friday, but struggling to know where to start?

We’ve rounded up the 10 most popular fridge freezer reviews on our website over the past month to give you some insight into what Which? members are looking for in the run up to the big day.*

Stainless steel is all the rage, while cheap and cheerful freestanding fridge freezers seem to be trumping large American ones this year.

Narrow down you search with our best fridge freezers.

The 10 most popular fridge freezers

The prices listed below are correct at the time of writing but are subject to change.

To help you decide whether the Black Friday deals you spot are decent or not, we’ve also done some analysis of prices over the year for each fridge freezer**. We’ve included links to great deals where we’ve found them.

10. Hisense RB412N4AI1 – £349

It’s not hard to see why this Hisense fridge freezer is so popular – it’s reasonably priced and it looks the part thanks to its stylish stainless-steel finish. Throw in a frost-free freezer, a wine bottle shelf and a fridge-door alarm and you’ve got a fridge freezer that stands out from many models at this price point.

Speaking of price, there are plenty of times over the past year when this model has been available for £349. But it has never been cheaper and it has been more expensive on several occasions, so while the current price from Currys PC World isn’t amazing, it certainly isn’t bad either.

However, it’s only good value for money if it can chill and freeze quickly without driving up your energy bills.

Read our Hisense RB412N4AI1 review, or buy it now from Currys PC World.

9. Samsung RS68N8230B1/EU – £1,149

That such an expensive fridge freezer is among the most popular reviews on our website shows just how desirable Samsung American fridge freezers are. This one has a super-sleek black steel finish, a plumbed-in water and ice dispenser and a massive claimed capacity of 617 litres.

It’s been cheaper than £1,149 on a couple of occasions in recent months, but this Currys PC World price is still competitive, especially when you consider that it cost £1,849 when it launched in 2018.

But how much of that huge claimed capacity is actually usable for storing food?

Read our Samsung RS68N8230B1/EU review to find out, or buy it now from Currys PC World.

8. LG GBB72PZEFN – £729

For our money, LG is making the best fridge freezers in the world right now. But that doesn’t mean every model is a winner.

This one isn’t the cheapest LG fridge freezer in our top 10, but it does have an impressive A+++ energy label, so you could save money in the long-run by opting for a more efficient model.

While £729 is a fairly typical price, it has been lower on several occasions, so we’d advise taking the time to read our LG GBB72PZEFN review and possibly waiting for a better price before rushing out to buy one.

7. Samsung RB36R8839SR/EF – £939

There’s no doubting that stainless-steel fridge freezers are in vogue at the minute, but this model takes it further than most. Not only is the outside finished in it, but the back wall of the fridge’s interior is, too.

Samsung says this helps improve cooling speed in the fridge, to aid with keeping your food fresher for longer. So, we subjected it to our tough chilling tests to put these claims to the test.

Read our Samsung RB36R8839SR/EF review to find out how it fared, or buy it now from Appliances Direct. The current price of £938.98 is the best we’ve seen, albeit not by much.

6. LG GBB61DSJZN – £569

Even at its typical price of around £600 this is one of the cheapest LG fridge freezers around, so the current price of £569 is even more enticing.

But when there are similar-looking fridge freezers costing less also featured on this list, is this one really worth buying?

Read our LG GBB61DSJZN review to find out, or buy it now from Currys PC World.

5. Logik LSBS4DX18 – £469

If you want an American-style fridge freezer, but don’t have the kitchen space for a full-width model (usually around 90cm), this slimmer stainless-steel model could be worth considering, not least because it’s far cheaper than most.

It cost £499 when we reviewed it at the start of the year and Currys PC World sold it for £549 between July and September, so the current price looks pretty good. You certainly get a lot of fridge freezer for your money, but is it a case of quantity over quality?

Read our Logik LSBS4DX18 review to find out, or buy it now from Currys PC World.

4. John Lewis JLBIFF1901 – £649

The only integrated fridge freezer to feature in our top 10, this John Lewis option cost £699 when we reviewed it last month, so the current price is certainly tempting.

It’s still not exactly cheap, but then you do pay more to have your fridge freezer hidden out of sight behind a kitchen cupboard, even though this results in less storage space for your food.

Read our John Lewis JLBIFF1901 review to find out how many bags of shopping you’ll be able to squeeze inside, or buy it now from John Lewis & Partners.

Find out more:

3. Lec TNF60188W – £379

We reckon £350 is the typical price for this model, but major retailers generally seem to be selling it for closer to £400 at the moment, so you might want to keep an eye on prices to see if it goes down before splashing out.

That, of course, is if you think it’s worth buying in the first place. Some fridge freezers at this price point struggle to maintain a safe and stable temperature when the temperature in your kitchen plummets on a cold winter’s night.

Find out if this is one of them by reading our Lec TNF60188W review.

2. LG GBB92STAXP – £894

The most popular LG fridge freezer on our site is also the most expensive. The price has been down to £879 at times this year, but the current price of £894 on Appliances Direct is well worth considering, as the price has also been close to £950 on several occasions.

Either way, it’s a lot to spend on a freestanding fridge freezer, even if it does have stainless steel inside and out and a list of features as long as your arm. That said, if it can maximise the lifespan of your food, reduce your energy bills and be quiet and hassle-free to live with, it could be money well spent in the long run.

Read our LG GBB92STAXP review for our expert verdict, or buy it now from Appliances Direct.

1. Hoover HHN56182WK – £329

Despite the growing popularity of stainless steel, there’s clearly still a place for the humble white fridge freezer, with more people reading our review of this cheap Hoover model in the past month than any other.

It’s so popular it’s currently out of stock. But fear not, it looks like it will be back in stock soon and if not, the stainless-steel version is available for £10 less. Either way, we reckon the current prices are competitive, because both versions cost £379 when we reviewed them earlier this year.

Read our Hoover HHN56182WK review to see if it’s worth adding to your shortlist, or buy the stainless-steel version from Boots Kitchen Appliances now.

*The 10 most popular fridge freezer reviews on Which.co.uk between 25 October and 24 November 2019 based on number of visitors to the review.

**Prices correct on 27 November 2019 and might change. Price trends were analysed using price comparison site PriceSpy. Most major retailers will price match if you spot a cheaper price elsewhere.

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