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3 Jul 2020

How parents rate iCandy, Silver Cross and 16 other popular pushchair brands

We asked 1,650 parents with a child under the age of five to rate their stroller or pushchair

Every year, we ask parents to rate their pushchair and tell us about their experience of using it.

This so that we can get real-life feedback on pushchairs, in addition to conducting our tough tests all year round to see which are the easiest to push, most comfortable for your baby and the simplest to fold.

Below find out the difference between the highest and lowest-rated brands, as well as feedback from parents about their particular pushchair.

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What do parents say about their pushchair?

We've gathered quotes about popular pushchair brands from parents we surveyed who were satisfied with the choice of pushchair they had made.

Silver Cross pushchairs

Silver Cross offers both modern and traditional style prams to suit a range of budgets. Its cheapest model costs around £170, while its luxury prams can exceed £1,000.

  • 'It is durable and does the job, doesn't buckle under pressure with an attractive design.'
  • 'It's a beautiful pushchair and a pleasure to take my child out in it.'
  • 'Simple and extremely easy to use.'

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iCandy pushchairs

iCandy is a premium buggy brand that focuses on designing pushchairs for city-dwellers. Its pushchairs tend to be more expensive than competitors, with prices ranging from around £400 to more than £1,000.

  • 'It looks great, pushes beautifully, is comfortable for my baby and has a good size shopping basket.'
  • 'Very well made, looks stylish.'
  • 'Comfortable and large sturdy frame.'

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Joie pushchairs

Joie is a British brand that makes a range of baby products including pushchairs, car seats, high chairs and travel cots. Its pushchairs are some of the cheapest around, with prices starting from as little as £50.

  • 'Good value for money.'
  • 'Lovely strong pushchair with a big shopping basket.'
  • 'Comfy for my child and easy to use.'

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Mothercare pushchairs

While its UK stores are now closed, Mothercare pushchairs can still be bought through other retailers such as Boots. Its pushchairs tend to be fairly inexpensive, with parents spending around £320, on average.

  • 'It's so easy to use and the baby loves it.'
  • 'Large spacious pushchair for baby to sleep comfortably and very sturdy, you can jog and it won't topple.'
  • 'I have loved using my pushchair from Mothercare and haven't had any issues with it.'

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The difference between the best and worst pushchair brands

Our survey results uncovered big differences in parent ratings for different pushchair brands.

The worst brand got a customer score of just 54%, while the most impressive clocked in at 81%. The average customer score was 74%.

But paying more doesn't necessarily mean you'll get a better pushchair. In fact, the top-rated pushchair brand also had one of the cheapest average spends.

Which are the most popular types of pushchair?

Most parents have a single pushchair, with a convertible single to double the least popular type. The graph below shows the proportion surveyed who own each type of pushchair.

Most popular brands by pushchair type

The type of pushchair you choose can affect the range of brands available to you. The table below shows the most popular brands for each type of pushchair based on our survey results.




Convertible tandem

Seats one child
Seats two children side by side
Seats two children, with one behind the other
Converts from a single to double pushchair
Popular brands: Mamas & Papas, Joie, Mothercare, Silver CrossPopular brand: Baby JoggerPopular brand: BabyzenPopular brand: iCandy

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