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3 Jun 2020

Lidl to sell £50 espresso machine and £15 pasta maker in kitchen gadget bonanza

From Thursday 4 June, Lidl will have a range of cheap coffee gadgets on sale in the middle aisle, as well as a Breville kettle and toaster set, a pasta maker and an air fryer. Find out if these deals are worth snapping up

A range of new kitchen appliance offers are due to land in Lidl's middle aisle this week, including some big-brand gadgets.

The selection includes a range of Lidl coffee-making appliances, including a Silvercrest espresso machine, coffee grinder, stove-top pot and milk frother.

There's also a Lidl Ernesto pasta maker, if you're keen to try your hand at homemade pasta during lockdown.

Some branded appliances also feature in the 'kitchen kit' round-up, including a Salter air fryer for £40 and a stylish Breville kettle and toaster set (£25 each).

The deals are available in stores from Thursday 4 June. Read on for our verdict on each deal, including how each product compares on spec with rivals and whether the price is as good as it looks.

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Lidl coffee machine: is it worth it?

This Lidl espresso machine, which uses ground coffee, is about as cheap as they come and it has a smart retro design too.

It can make either a single or double espresso shot and has a steam wand for frothing milk.

It's got some nice extras you wouldn't always find on a machine at this price point, such as a removable drip tray with a water-level indicator, so you know when it needs emptying. It also comes complete with a bottle of descaler to help you keep it running smoothly over time.

We've tried out and tested a few Lidl espresso machines in previous years, so head to our Aldi and Lidl gadgets advice page to see what we made of them.

It's also worth looking at other cheap coffee machines we've tested to see if there's a model that has proven itself a good option within your budget. Some recently tested models include the following own-brand coffee machines:

In the past, we've found some £50 coffee machines that do a great job, but others that disappoint, producing weak, watery coffee.

Go to our independent coffee machine reviews to discover the best cheap coffee machines and check our coffee machine buying guide for more advice on choosing the best type of machine for you.

Lidl milk frother, £20

At just £20, the Silvercrest electric milk frother is one of the cheapest electric milk frothers we've come across. Your next cheapest option would be a small electric whisk.

As well as giving a frothy finish to your cappuccino or creating a luxury hot chocolate, settings for cold froth, hot milk and more are similar to what you'll find on branded models such as the Nespresso Aeroccino, and will help you create a whole range of drinks.

The capacity of 150ml is similar to other frothers, and should make enough for one small coffee. If hot (rather than frothed) milk is all you're after it can make up to 300ml.

It's decent value, but if you'd rather have a tried-and-tested model, we've found a Best Buy milk frother for less than £30. We've also reviewed a frother that makes larger quantities in one go - perfect if you want to make coffee for two.

See our guide to the best milk frothersfor our top picks.

Lidl coffee grinder, £10

If you love a freshly ground brew, but are put off by the higher prices of bean-to-cup machines, an electric coffee grinder is a pragmatic solution, allowing you to grind small quantities to use as needed.

This Lidl version is a cheap and simple one-touch electric model which uses a spinning blade to blitz the beans. It can grind up to 70g of coffee beans in one go - enough to make eight to nine cups of coffee.

Blade grinders such as this tend to be cheaper than burr grinders, but you'll need to judge the fineness of the grounds for yourself by eye. It may take a bit of trial and error to get the right level for your coffee maker.

Find out more about the different types in our full coffee grinders buying guide and discover the best cheap models in our round-up of the best coffee grinders.

Lidl pasta maker, £15

Pasta maker in use

If you want to take the first steps into making your own pasta, this simple pasta maker might be exactly what you need.

Lock it on to a worktop using the padded G-clamp and you'll be ready to start cranking out spaghetti, fettuccine and lasagne sheets using the three different rollers. There are seven dough thickness settings, too, allowing for a wide range of pasta creations.

You won't find many competitors to this pasta maker in terms of price. It's around £10 cheaper than its nearest rivals, such as Kitchen Craft, which offer similar specifications.

Electric pasta makers

If you have a stand mixer, an alternative to buying a standalone pasta maker is to buy a pasta making attachment.

Brands such as KitchenAid and Kenwood often have models with extra outlets for pasta attachments, saving you the effort of hand cranking it through. These tend to be much pricier, though.

See our guide to stand mixer attachments for more.

Breville kettle and toaster deal - should you snap it up?

This stylish matching Breville Impressions kettle and toaster pair is on sale at £50 for the set (£25 each). If you're keen to update your kitchen staples, it could be a striking choice.

The Lidl price does come in at a little less than you'll pay elsewhere right now, but only just - Amazon has it for £27 each.

It's a good price for the set, especially considering it's a four-slot toaster, but make sure you check out our Breville Impressions kettle review and Breville Impressions toaster review to find out if both gadgets do a good job of prepping your breakfast.

Salter Hot Air Fryer deal: is it worth it?

Missing fried treats in lockdown? This Salter Hot air fryer has an 800g capacity, which is enough to cook about four large portions of chips. Like most air fryers, it uses a small amount of oil and fanned hot air to cook lighter fried food.

It doesn't have the features that some newer models have, but it does have a fully adjustable manual timer and temperature dial, which allows you more scope for control than other air fryers in this price range.

And £40 is a decent price for this model. You'll save yourself between £10 to £15 compared with prices at other retailers right now, such as Amazon or Robert Dyas.

Some cheap air fryers aren't really up to scratch, but one model under £60 impressed enough in our tests to be named a Best Buy. Check our list of the best air fryers for the cheap model we recommend.

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