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Up to 29% of supermarket packaging is not recyclable, Which? finds

We've investigated just how much plastic supermarkets use, and reveal what you can do to reduce your plastic footprint

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Which high street shops do you miss the most?

Find out which high street shops we miss the most, from BHS to Woolworths. We reveal what people miss about the 90s high street, and how shopping has changed.

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Food recall: frozen veg removed from UK supermarkets over listeria concerns

Concerns over potential listeria contamination have forced six UK supermarkets to recall a range of products with immediate effect. Making up the list of supermarkets involved with the move are...

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Uk high street

What does the future hold for the British high street?

The outlook for the British high street seems bleak, with numerous retailers, including M&S, House of Fraser and Waitrose, announcing store closures, and others going into administration. But does it have to...

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The truth behind the ‘foods that cause cancer’ headlines

The number of stories in the media about foods and drinks that cause or cure cancer is overwhelming. It’s hard to know what to believe, especially as sometimes they can...

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Why food safety is a postcode lottery

Find out if your area is worst for food hygiene, from takeaways to school dinners, plus how to find how your favourite restaurant fares.

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Is this the end for the British high street?

In the wake of yet more turmoil for well loved high-street brands, we look back at how we've changed the way we shop

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Revealed: the cereals with more added sugar than biscuits

Breakfast cereals are notorious for the amount of sugar they contain. But it's not only children's cereals, Which? has found that cereals aimed at adults can also contain several teaspoons of sugar per serving.

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old socks

Get John Lewis vouchers for your old socks with new buy-back scheme

Find out more about John Lewis's trial of a service that means it will buy back your old John Lewis clothes for John Lewis shopping vouchers. The scheme aims to cut down on the 300,000 tonnes of clothes that go to landfill.

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Act now to get the most from your Tesco Clubcard vouchers

If you're looking to cash in your Tesco Clubcard vouchers, this could be the weekend to do it. Find out more about the change to Tesco's Clubcard voucher scheme.

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