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Baby safety equipment

Baby safe tips

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Baby safe tips

In this guide we've listed useful equipment and gadgets to help you childproof your home and keep your baby safe.


While you may be able to get by without them, these clever devices will give you extra peace of mind. Take a look at our baby safety equipment page for details of the essential items you need to keep your baby safe.

Isofix for child car seats

Isofix is the standard system for all new cars and child car seat manufacturers, designed to make installing your child car seat quick and easy.

You simply ‘plug in’ a compatible child car seat to mounting points in the car. If you have Isofix points in your car, there's no need to attach seat belts to secure your child car seat. The big advantage of this, besides convenience, is that the car seat is less likely to be fitted incorrectly, as even the best child car seats can offer poor protection if fitted badly.

Take a look at our child car seat fitting video for more advice on getting the right seat for your car.

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Socket covers

There is currently a question mark over whether using socket covers is a good idea, but RoSPA, the Royal Society for the Protection of Accidents, does not consider it necessary to recommend the use of socket covers, nor does the Electrical Safety Council.

If you're concerned, we recommend that you speak to a qualified electrician to seek further advice.

Get more advice on childproofing your home.

Glass safety film

Low-lying glass panels can be a hazard - if you have existing doors that aren't made of safety glass, you can cover the glass with safety film, which is designed to contain any loose jagged shards should the glass break.

You can also use it on glass-top tables. If you are fitting new glass in your home - such as glass doors to your patio - you must use safety glass.

Door slam stoppers

These prevent doors from shutting on children's fingers and also stop children from shutting themselves in a room - essential once babies start walking. Some types of stoppers prevent fingers from getting trapped in one side of the door but not the other, so the hinge side might be protected but the door can still close.

Alternatively, a doorstop can prevent the door from moving at all.

Drawer and cupboard catches

Drawer and cupboard catches are designed to only allow a cupboard or drawer to open a few centimetres, unless an adult releases the catch.

Drawer and cupboard catches are essential once your baby starts crawling and exploring to keep baby fingers safe from sharp objects such as knives or breakables such as crockery and glassware.

Children will eventually learn how to operate them, but in the meantime they can provide a degree of reassurance.

Radiator guard

These prevent your baby from burning themselves on a hot radiator. Try a DIY or homeware store.

Baby safe appliances

If you're replacing a washing machine, oven, hob, or other household appliance, look for models with baby safe precautions, such as child locks or buttons and levers that are located out of harm's way - visit our reviews to find the best.

You can also take a look at our guide to essential products for parents, to see our parent-friendly picks of products from vacuum cleaners and food processors to cameras and ebook readers.

Bath mats

Water adds to the risk of accidents, especially when young children see the bath as a fun play area.

A simple rubber bath mat will help prevent your baby from slipping in the bath. Add a bath mat to the base when your baby starts sitting up and is able to pull up without your support.

Baby monitors

Baby monitors shouldn't be regarded as a safety device – they are more for convenience, so you can hear your baby crying if you are in another part of the house or in the garden.

However, baby monitors can alert you to potential hazards such as your baby climbing out of the cot or bed.

We've tested baby monitors to see how far away from your baby you can go, the sound quality and ease of use, so you can be assured that your buying a product that will make your life easier. Read the Which? reviews of baby monitors to find out which became Best Buys.