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Black Friday Deals

Deals to be wary of this Black Friday

By Vicki Crowe

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Deals to be wary of this Black Friday

Stay clued up with our advice, so you don't go home with something you don't want or need this Black Friday. 

Black Friday is one of the biggest retail events of the year, with discount offers starting in the early hours of the morning. But deals aren't always as special as they say they are. Our guide to the products to be wary of this Black Friday will stop you from regretting your impulse buys.

It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of Black Friday, and retailers know that you may let your guard down. Some products are frequently discounted throughout the year, so may not be on sale for their best price on Black Friday, and others have had their prices inflated in advance in order to make their sale prices seem misleadingly tempting. 

To make sure you don't fall into the trap of Black Friday fever, our experts have put together a comprehensive list of products that you should be wary of if you see them on offer this year: 

Home deals to avoid 


Seen a deal on a home appliance but not sure it's a genuine saving? Make sure you don't go home with an overpriced vacuum or end up with a blender you see for a better price a few weeks later. 

Cordless vacuum cleaner deals to be wary of 

Dyson v6 Animal, usual price £190, and other cordless vacuum cleaners

We've seen some dramatic price hikes on Dyson stick vacuums in the run up to Black Friday, so it's worth being wary of any advertised discounts you see. On 25 October 2017, Littlewoods was selling the Dyson v6 Animal for £499 - more than it has ever cost before, even when it was brand new. It's likely that it will be discounted over the sales season, but don’t pay attention to ‘before’ prices. If this vac isn’t less than £180, it’s not cheaper than normal. 

For advice on choosing a cordless machine, head to our how to buy the best cordless vacuum cleaner guide.

Vax Blade 32V Pro, usual price £169-£269

Quite frankly, you should never buy the Vax Blade 32V Pro at its full price. It’s regularly discounted to half price, so don’t buy on Black Friday unless it’s under £169. Check our review of the Vax Blade 32V Pro TBT3V1P1 first to make sure it's up to the job.

Hoover Freedom FD22RA001, usual price £119-£279

The Hoover Freedom FD22RA001 also varies wildly in price. It’s gone as low as £99 in the past, so don’t be fooled by offers that are more than that. To find out if it's worth your time, read our Hoover Freedom FD22RA001 review

Capsule coffee machine deals to be wary of 


Tassimo Caddy capsule machine, usual price £70-£90

This machine is usually priced around £70-£90 so it's not a good deal unless it's on sale for less than £70. Tassimo capsule machines tend to all use the same Tassimo capsule system, so the variations in price tends to relate to the number of extra features each model has. Other models, such as the Suny, can be found for less than £40, while the Vivy has dropped as low as £20 on occasion, so if you're not looking for extra features, you might be better off opting for one of these instead. Read all our Tassimo machine reviews to find out which one works best for you.

Dolce Gusto Eclipse, usual price £100-£120

The latest wacky Dolce Gusto machine (usually around £100-£120) swivels open to prepare your coffee. But there are plenty of other Dolce Gusto machines to choose from, some of which can be picked up for just £20. Prices and offers change regularly across these machines, so don’t jump on a Black Friday deal. Most average £40 or less, with the fancier designs around £80, so you shouldn't pay more than that unless you have your heart set on a particular design. Read our review Dolce Gusto Eclipse to see if our experts think it's worth it, and pick the best machine for the best price with our guide to buying the best capsule coffee machine.

Nespresso Inissia, usual price £50-£70

Avoid a Black Friday deal on the Inissia unless you spot it for less than £50. It was on sale for less during December and January last year, and has jumped around a lot in price throughout 2017. You might be better off with the newer Essenza Mini, which is coming down in price. You can also get the Essenza for £1 as part of a Nespresso capsule subscription plan. Read all our Nespresso reviews here to choose one that suits you.

Juicer deals to be wary of 

Philips Viva HR1832/01 juicer, usual price £49-£60

This juicer can often be found on sale for £49-60, so be wary of any offers that tell you £49 is a great deal, as it won't be hard to find for that price another time. To find out how it compares to other models, read the Philips Viva HR1832/01 review.

Blenders, food processors and soup maker deals to be wary of 


Sage The Boss To Go BPB550BAL blender, usual price £85-129

The official price for this blender is around £129 but you'll easily find it on offer for around £85-£90 throughout the year. Unless the Black Friday deals make it even lower than this it's probably not worth it. To find out if it's a good machine, read our Sage The Boss To Go BPB550BAL blender review

Nutribullet 600, usual price £60-70

Usually priced between £60 and £70, the Nutribullet was on this list last year, and it’s still here in 2017. The lowest we’ve seen this blender go was £40 in January 2017. If you can find it for under £60 it’s a decent deal. Make sure you look out for the number of accessories you get, though. There are different bundles available including extra accessories and blending cups, so you could get more for your money if you keep an eye on the details. If you're wondering whether this is the blender for you, read our Nutribullet 600 review or check out our Nutribullet advice guide.

Magimix Compact 3200XL, usual price £170-£200 

This popular food processor is sold for £170-200, but it's often on discount, and was on sale for around £150 during Black Friday 2017. If you see it for under £180 it’s a fairly good price, but anything more and it’s worth holding out for the next price drop. If you think it's the one for you, read our Magimix Compact 3200XL review.

Morphy Richards Saute & Soup Maker, usual price £50-£65 

This sought-after soup maker is sold for £50-65, but it's often on offer, usually at around the £50 mark. If you see it drop below £45, you’re getting a better deal than usual. Find out how it compares with our soup maker reviews and advice guide to help you choose the right one. 

Air fryer deals to be wary of 

Tefal Actifry 2-IN-1 YV9601, usual price £155-£180

The price of this fryer jumps all over the place, and it can be as much as £180, but it's only really a bargain if it's less than £150. You'll find it on offer at other times of the year too, so we don't think it's worth the Black Friday rush. If you're thinking of buying an air fryer check out our guide on how to buy the best air fryer

Hob deals to be wary of 

Bosch PUE611BF1B, usual price £330, and Siemens EU631BEF1B, usual price £400

These induction hob models are often discounted during the year, so be wary of any claims of a one-off deal on Black Friday. Only buy the Bosch PUE611BF1B if you see it for less than £330 or the Siemens EU631BEF1B if it's less than £400, as both have fluctuated around those prices over the past year. For advice on choosing the right induction hob read our induction hob buying guide.

Tech deals to avoid 

From cheap TVs to deceptively affordable laptops, make sure you don't buy outdated or unwanted tech. Read on to find out which deals you should avoid on tech this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

TV deals to be wary of 

Premium OLED and QLED models

Really expensive top-of-the-range models might see price drops around Black Friday, but you're better off waiting as they tend to drop further in price in the new year – particularly around April to June. This is when the new line-ups have launched, and retailers are clearing stock of the previous year’s models. 

For example:

  • The LG OLED55B7V and LG OLED55C7V have both been ‘on sale’ for £1,799 for some time. Unless you see them for significantly less, their prices are likely to fall further in 2018 and you'll kick yourself for buying on Black Friday. To see how they performed in our lab tests see our LG OLED55B7V review and LG OLED55C7V review.
  • Samsung's QE49Q7F has seen a couple of price drops recently. Firstly it fell to £1,499 and, more recently, you have been able to pick it up for £1,299 quite widely. Unless you see it for less, it’s not a special deal for Black Friday. To see how it compares to other TVs read our Samsung QE49Q7F review.



Small-screen models, 1080p (Full-HD) models

Be wary of deals on small-screen (up to 32 inches) or 1080p TVs. There are a variety of 40 or 43-inch 4K models on the market for less than £500 that are likely to see further reductions around Black Friday. Unless you’re set on a small-screen TV, you might be able to get much better value for money with a slightly larger 4K model. To find the best TVs for your budget, read our guide to how to buy the best TV.

Wireless and Bluetooth speaker deals to be wary of 

Ultimate Ears Boom 2

The Boom 2 is still a popular pick for music fans that want a highly portable wireless speaker. It can survive splashes of water and comes with an accompanying iPhone and Android smartphone app, and you can link Boom 2 speakers together if you have more than one.

This wireless speaker is regularly seen with a 'drop in price', and you can usually find it for around £100. Unless you spot this speaker for under £85-£90 on Black Friday, we suggest you hold off picking one up.

To see how this speaker performed in our test lab, see our Ultimate ears Boom 2 review. If you're a buyer on a budget, head over to our guide to the best portable Bluetooth speakers under £100.

Laptop deals to be wary of 

Apple MacBooks (2015)

There’s no point buying old tech that's already outdated. These older models regularly see reductions of between £50-100 so you’re unlikely to be making any big savings on Black Friday. Some older MacBook Pros have seen reduction stickers of between £300 and £450 in the Currys sale, but that doesn't make it a good deal. If you're looking for a MacBook you're better off going for a MacBook Air 13-inch (2017) or MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 2017, which will be pricier but up to date. If you're not sure if Apple's laptops are for you, read our Mac vs PC pros and cons guide



Mid-range Windows laptops

If you see a laptop with middling specifications (an i3, AMD, Pentium or Celeron processor with an unremarkable hard drive and Ram, for example) quoting an original price of £500-£800, ignore it. These models, like the Asus Zenbook UX310 or Acer Swift 3, fluctuate heavily in price and are often on offer throughout the year. If you're after a good Windows laptop for less, read our guide to the best cheap laptops for under £500.

Printer deals to be wary of 

Cheap inkjet models

If you’re eyeing up an inkjet costing between £30 and £70, steer clear. These models fluctuate heavily in price - for example, the Best Buy HP Envy 5646 was on offer with 50% off in August 2017. If you're on a budget, take a look at our guide to the top five cheap printers to run for 2017.

If you do buy anything on Black Friday and then find yourself regretting your purchase, head to our advice page to find out about your rights on Black Friday.

Wearables deals to be wary of 

Goji Go

If you’ve got your eye on the Goji Go fitness tracker this Black Friday then you may not be getting as big a deal as you think. Its full price is marked at around £50/£60, with retailers offering £25 discount this week. But this isn’t a flash sale and you can get the same offer for most of the year.

You may still be tempted by the low price tag but is the product worth buying? Take a look at our Goji Go review to find out what features this tracker includes.

Fitbit Flex 2

Although the Fitbit Flex 2 is likely to get deals of £20 off or more this Friday, it doesn’t mean you should rush out and buy it. Always check out the product properly before assuming it is a great deal.

The Fitbit Flex 2 is an entry-level fitness tracker and is quite limited when it comes to its features. It can be worn on the wrist or popped out and put into a pendant or bangles so it is very discreet. But how well does it do the job?

Fitbit Alta

This stylish fitness tracker is likely to be found on lots of Black Friday deals this week but don’t let the £30 discount push you into a purchase.

Typically priced at £100, it could be a good saving if it has the features you need. A little more advanced than other cheaper products, it includes step, exercise and sleep monitors as well as calorie and water trackers and a food plan feature.

But our rigorous lab tests found that the Fitbit Alta had a few under performing specifications too. If this isn’t the one for you, take a look at all our fitness tracker reviews to find one that is.