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Black Friday deals

Deals to be wary of this Black Friday

By Vicki Crowe

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Deals to be wary of this Black Friday

Stay clued up with our Black Friday advice, so you don't go home with a dreaded Don't Buy. 

Black Friday is one of the biggest retail events of the year, but deals aren't always as special as they first appear. Our guide to the products to be wary of this Black Friday will stop you from regretting your impulse buys.

It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of Black Friday, and retailers know that you may let your guard down. Some products are frequently discounted throughout the year, so may not be on sale for their best price on Black Friday. Others have their prices inflated in advance in order to make their sale prices seem misleadingly tempting.

To make sure you don't fall into the trap of Black Friday fever, our experts have put together a list of products that you should be wary of if you see them in this year's Black Friday sales. We know these products are frequently discounted, so you're not necessarily getting a 'special' offer. 

We've also highlighted some of the worst Don't Buy products that have failed our lab tests - these ones should be avoided no matter the discount. Keep scrolling for the details, or use the links below:

Home deals to be wary of  

Coffee machines

Bosch Tassimo Vivy TAS1402G

This compact capsule coffee machine uses Tassimo discs to make a range of drinks including hot chocolate, tea, and the usual selection of coffees. Indicators let you know when the water tank needs a top up.

We often see this Bosch model available for a discounted price, which means any Black Friday special offers may not be as special as they seem. At the start of November 2018, it was available online for around £40, down from its RRP of £107.

See how this coffee machine fared in the Which? test lab in our Bosch Tassimo Vivy TAS1402GB review.


Nutribullet 600

We expect the blenders in Nutribullet's widely popular range to go on sale this month. The Nutribullet 600's makers say that it 'literally pulverises everything' and has great 'nutrient extracting' abilities. It's powered by a 600W motor and comes with one tall 0.7-litre jug and two 0.3-litre cups.

While it's got an RRP of £79.99, it has been discounted at various times throughout the year already, and we've seen it priced as low as £40. So unless you see this one for less than that, we'd suggest holding out for a better deal.

Read our Nutribullet 600 review to find out how it stood up to our rigorous lab tests.

Stand mixers

Kenwood Kmix KMX754

This stand mixer from Kenwood is designed to rival classic KitchenAid models in the style stakes. It arrives with a glass mixing bowl and three handy attachments: a whisk, K-beater and dough hook.

If you're a keen baker, you might be keeping an eye on its price tag heading into Black Friday. But a word of warning: this stand mixer is often discounted, so don't feel like you have to jump on it on Black Friday. The price of this model regularly fluctuates between £300-450, so you're not getting a great deal if it doesn't fall below £300.

Find out more about how this stand mixer performs in our Kenwood Kmix KMX754 review.

Air fryers

Tefal Actifry 2 in 1 YV960140

This Tefal is the only air fryer we've seen that has a second compartment, so you can cook steak or chicken at the same time as chips.

Its price fluctuates heavily throughout the year. While its RRP is £299.99, we've seen it on sale for as low as £160, so don't be fooled by discounts in which it's pricier than that.

Is this air fryer worthy of Best Buy status? Our Tefal Actifry 2 in 1 YV960140 review has the answer.

Washing machines

Bush washing machines

If you don't want to spend big on a washing machine, you may have your eyes on Argos's own-brand Bush washing machines. But tread carefully, as our rigorous lab tests have uncovered some Don't Buy machines in the range.

Check our Bush washing machine reviews.

Hoover washing machines

Hoover tends to produce eye-catching washing machines with plenty of features, but our tests have found that some models have excessively long cycle times.

Check our Hoover washing machine reviews.

Logik washing machines

Logik washing machines are available exclusively through Currys PC World. A low price tag makes them a tempting offer, but we've uncovered a Don't Buy model that leaves detergent lurking in the fibres of your clothes, which could be a problem for some people with sensitive skin.  

Check our Logik washing machine reviews.

Don't Buy home products to avoid 

  Performance on carpet Hair and fibre removal Noise Which? test score
M * * * 16%
Avoid this vacuum cleaner at all costs. In our rigorous lab tests it failed to impress when it came to cleaning in crevices. This model is also terribly ineffective at cleaning up pet hair around the house, and its allergen filters are sub-standard. Steer well clear - you can do far better by enlisting the help of our expert reviews.
  Overall taste Speed of making an espresso Ease of use Which? test score
M * * *** 32%
If you enjoy an espresso then you'll be disappointed by this coffee machine. When we went hands-on we quickly discovered that the espresso it made was thin, and lacked body and aroma. This machine has a self clean function which is a handy bonus, but the cons outweigh the pros. It randomly started spurting hot water in our taste test, and wouldn't let us turn it off. This coffee machine is also tricky to clean.
  Ironing performance Limescale resistance Overall convenience Which? test score
** * ** 27%
A cheap price tag may tempt buyers on a budget to pick up this steam iron, but it's a Which? Don't Buy. It doesn't take long to heat up, but the soleplate sticks and drags, and you have to push down hard and iron over the same areas to smooth even light wrinkles. To add to the list of woes, the tank is tricky to fill with water and you can't override the automatic steam function.
  Quality of cooking Machine performance Overall ease of use Which? test score
M * **** *** 33%
This affordable air fryer can fit 800g of food at once, which is enough for about four portions of chips. Unfortunately, chips just don't cook properly, even if you cook them for longer than the recommended time. There's no viewing window, either, so you have to pull the basket out if you want to see how the food is cooking.
  Overall cleaning Rinsing efficiency Program length Which? test score
M * * ** 25%
We can't recommend this slow and ineffective washing machine. It's a nailed-on Don't Buy, proving terrible at washing and rinsing badly even on lengthy programs. In fact, the rinse leaves detergent lurking in the fibres of your clothes, which is hardly ideal.



Tech deals to be wary of 


Currys PC World - Geo laptops

Geo laptops sit on the shelves at Currys PC World, aimed at buyers looking for a laptop that handles basic tasks such as web browsing.

But their low price tags mean low specs and slow processors, so if you're looking for a laptop to deal effortlessly with mulitasking and picture editing, you might want to consider other big-name brands.

See how we've scored Currys PC World laptops with our Geo laptop reviews.

Amazon Fusion5 T90-series

Year after year, Amazon serves up thousands of Black Friday deals to bargain hunters. This year, we expect to see it offer a discount on its own-brand Fusion5 T90-series laptop.

This budget 14-inch Windows 10 laptop is advertised with 32GB of internal storage, but after you factor in the OS, that drops to a less impressive 12GB. You might want to shop around for an alternative that offers more space for your pictures and videos.

Did Amazon's laptop score well in our lab tests? See our Amazon Fusion5 T90-series review.


Nokia smartphones

Nokia has marked its return with a range of Android-powered releases including the Nokia 2, Nokia 6, Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 8.

Those new arrivals are cheaper than flagship models from the likes of Apple and Samsung. However, our own smartphone tests have shown Nokia mobiles to be a mixed bag - we've seen some high-scoring mobiles from the brand, but also some disastrous Don't Buys that you should skip.

If you're considering a member of the Nokia family as your next smartphone, check our Nokia mobile reviews before you take the plunge.


Epson EcoTank ET-2650

This all-in-one colour Epson printer, which was reduced earlier in the year by Currys PC World, uses EcoTank technology. Rather than cartridges, you refill the black or colour tanks with the supplied bottles when needed. Our lab tests uncovered some flaws, however, showing that the printer has a pretty mediocre scanner and copier, and it's remarkably loud.

How much of an impact do those issues have on the overall test score? See our Epson EcoTank ET-2650 review for the verdict. 

Don't Buy tech products to avoid 

  Performance Battery Ease of use Which? test score
M ** ** ** 41%
This entry-level laptop has a temptingly low price tag, but it's so sluggish that we had to label it a Don't Buy. A lack of raw power makes it a pain to use on a daily basis, and the screen is pixelated, washed out and reflective.
  Screen quality Battery Speed Which? test score
M * ** ** 17%
This super-cheap handset is only available on pay-as-you-go plans. The mobile flopped in our battery test - on a full charge it provides less than 7 hours of talk time and around 5 hours of web browsing. If you shop around, you'll get a far better deal.
  Printing Print speed Printing costs Which? test score
M *** **** ***** 39%
Cut-price printers always make an appearance on Black Friday, but if you see this model on offer consider an alternative. The scanner is awful, and the printer doesn't automatically print on both sides of the page - you'll need to manually flip sheets over in the paper tray.
  Fitness tracking Battery life Comfort Which? test score
M ** ***** ***** 41%
This fitness tracker aims to help you keep track of steps taken, distance travelled, calories burnt and sleep. But it struggles with accuracy, overstating calorie burn whether you're walking or running. If you want substance over style, avoid this Don't Buy fitness tracker.
  Picture quality Sound quality Ease of use Which? test score
M * * ** 18%
If your living room is crying out for a new TV, Black Friday is a great time to shop around. But we can't recommend this flawed model - it's one of the worst TVs we've ever tested. Picture quality is abysmal, colour accuracy is atrocious and, to make matters worse, the TV is tricky to use, with an uncomfortable remote and blocky menu text.