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17 June 2020

Deals to be wary of this Black Friday

Our product experts reveal the products that are regularly on offer, so there's no need to panic-buy on Black Friday.
By Vicki Crowe

Black Friday is one of the biggest retail events of the year, but deals aren't always as special as they first appear. Our research has consistently revealed that many products aren't at their cheapest on the big day.

It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of Black Friday, and retailers know that you may let your guard down. Some products are frequently discounted throughout the year, so may not be on sale for their best price on Black Friday. Others have their prices inflated in advance in order to make their sale prices seem misleadingly tempting.

To make sure you don't fall into the trap of Black Friday fever, our experts have put together a list of products that you should be wary of if you see them in this year's Black Friday sales. We know these products are frequently discounted, so you're not necessarily getting a 'special' offer. 

Home appliance deals to be wary of on Black Friday 

Tassimo coffee machines

Tassimo coffee machines use 'T-disc' pre-packaged pods to make a range of drinks including hot chocolate, tea, and the usual selection of coffees. They're very popular and a few will almost certainly crop up in the Black Friday sales. 

However, there's no need to rush in unless you've got your heart set on a specific model. There's almost always one available on offer for a discounted price, and you should never need to pay the RRP often quoted for these models. In fact, you should be able to find one for around £30-40 at any time of year.

The cheapest models are usually the Happy and the Vivy 2. Pricier models may have a few extra settings or features such as a capsule storage holder, but that's about it.

See our Tassimo coffee machine reviews to compare models and find out if they make tasty coffees.

Dolce Gusto coffee machines

It's a similar story for Dolce Gusto pod coffee machines. You'll almost always find one for £28-£40. The older Oblo and Jovia models are often quite cheap, and we've seen the stylish Infinissima for less than £50 on plenty of occasions.

See our Dolce Gusto coffee machine reviews to discover which ones are worth snapping up.

Nutribullet 600 blender

The oldest and original Nutribullet model is often on offer throughout the year. It's highest price is around £70 but we've seen it for as low as £40. Unless you see this one for less than £55, we'd suggest holding out for a better deal.

Read our Nutribullet 600 review to find out how it stood up to our rigorous lab tests.

Kenwood Kmix KMX754 stand mixer

This stand mixer from Kenwood is designed to rival classic KitchenAid models in the style stakes. It arrives with a glass mixing bowl and three handy attachments: a whisk, K-beater and dough hook.

If you're a keen baker, you might be keeping an eye on its price tag heading into Black Friday. But a word of warning: this stand mixer is often discounted, so don't feel like you have to jump on it on Black Friday. The price of this model regularly fluctuates between £300-450, so you're not getting a great deal if it doesn't fall below £300.

Find out more about how this stand mixer performs in our Kenwood Kmix KMX754 review.

Tefal Actifry 2 in 1 YV960140 Air Fryer

This Tefal is the only air fryer we've seen that has a second compartment, so you can cook steak or chicken at the same time as chips.

Its price fluctuates heavily throughout the year. While its RRP is £299.99, we've seen it on sale for as low as £160, so don't be fooled by discounts in which it's pricier than that.

Is this air fryer worthy of Best Buy status? Our Tefal Actifry 2 in 1 YV960140 review has the answer.

Philips HD9621 Air Fryer

This model is usually on sale for less than £140, but we've see the price rocket in the last month or so. If it drops back down for Black Friday it might be worth it, but check our air fryer reviews to see our pick of the best options for your budget first. 

Vax and Shark vacuum cleaner deals

These brand's vacuum cleaners tend to be frequently on special offer, dropping down to around half price and then popping back to full price again. So while you may get the 'deal' price on Black Friday, chances are it's been around that price quite often ahead of the big day. It's worth using a price history tool to check before you buy.

Make sure you also ensure you're getting a good vacuum, check our cordless vacuum reviews and corded vacuum reviews for our top picks and models to avoid.

Tech deals to be wary of on Black Friday


From compacts to bridge cameras, our price tracking investigation found that a number of models were on sale for less before Black Friday in 2018, with prices suddenly increasing during the discounting event. This occurred across multiple retailers, too, so be wary. The best way you can prepare for this is to make a shortlist of the things you plan to buy on Black Friday ahead of the event, doing a quick bit of research and noting down the cheapest price you can find it at the time. If it’s less during Black Friday, you know you’re getting a good deal; if it’s more then it’s worth waiting for the Christmas and New Year sales.

See our reviews of compacts, bridge and DSLR and mirrorless cameras to help you create your shortlist.

Sound bars

There are lots of sound bars on the market, all of varying specs, prices and quality. Even some of the most well-known brands in home entertainment fail to produce something worthy of finding a spot in your living room. But that’s not the only thing you need to watch out for: our pricing investigation revealed that Black Friday deals may not be the cheapest. 

It’s worth reading our sound bar reviews first to see which models are worth keeping an eye on to see if they drop in price, then making a note of the pre-Black Friday price to make sure you’re definitely bagging a bargain during the sales event. If it isn’t, you might be better off waiting until the New Year when models begin to be replaced by successors.


Shopping for headphones can be a bit of a minefield. Nearly a quarter of headphones we’ve tested have been poor enough to be labelled Don’t Buys. If you’re shopping for truly wireless models, things get worse – 30% have received the dreaded mark of (poor) quality. What’s perhaps surprising is that big brands also feature amongst these low scoring models – consistency is an elusive beast when it comes to audio.

In addition, watch out for headphones from brands you haven’t heard of. Our extensive work into fake reviews has shown that headphones are one of the worst affected categories on Amazon when it comes to customer ratings that show suspicious review activity. In an investigation into highly rated products on Amazon that had been tested at the Which? lab, we revealed that the Enacfire Future Plus and Yineme ANC headphones both performed badly enough to be Don’t Buys, despite achieving customer scores of 4.9 and 4.3 out of five on Amazon, from hundreds of reviews.


TVs are one of the most popular products to buy on Black Friday, and rightly so – there are plenty of deals around, and our research has shown that genuine discounts are often available towards the end of the year. Choose your TV brand wisely though – our tests have shown that brands you may have come to associate with consistency and quality ten or twenty years ago may not be a sure thing any more. While every brand is capable of making good and bad TVs, Sony and Panasonic score significantly worse, on average, than today’s giants of the TV market, Samsung and LG.

Ultimately, our advice is to conduct diligent research before splashing out on a TV – a long term investment that you’d expect to last, and don’t just be seduced by a big discount or a low price. Read our story on why you love the wrong TV brands for more.